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  1. Pakistan: US drone strike kills 20 people in North Waziristan
  2. Jammu & Kashmir: Partial strike in Srinagar, shutdown elsewhere
  3. Palestine: Israeli officer who shot American activist in her eye exonerated
  4. Ireland: Ireland sees massive protest against austerity measures
  5. Guinea: Guinea closes borders before court rules on election results
  6. Pakistan: Four bodies recovered from cargo plane crash
  7. Jammu & Kashmir: Partial strike in Srinagar, shutdown elsewhere
  8. PAKISTAN: Measles takes toll on flood victims
  9. Jammu & Kashmir: Shutdown hits life
  10. Blaze damages historic train station in Turkey
  11. WikiLeaks shock
  12. Wikileaks unveils largest US diplomatic cables, Turkey makes up second biggest share
  13. WikiLeaks documents reveal sensitive US diplomatic cables
  14. WikiLeaks: US trying to remove enriched Pak uranium
  15. WikiLeaks: Peeks and shrieks in first cache of documents
  16. US must tackle human rights issues, says former UN torture investigator
  17. Asia Bibi and Blasphemy Law in Pakistan
  18. Fake And Anti Islamic Sites
  19. Spain: City in northeast becomes country's first to ban niqab
  20. Mexico: Draft climate deal urges rich nations to cut emissions up to 40%
  21. Pakistan: At least 10 killed in Hangu sectarian attack
  22. Palestine: Geelani,Shah under house arrest
  23. Palestine: Israel approves construction of 846 settlement units in Jerusalem
  24. Palestine: Six Palestinians arrested during Israeli Army raids
  25. Palestine: Israeli troops surround mosque, question worshipers
  26. Palestine: Israeli airstrikes in several areas Gaza
  27. UK bomb plot nine charged
  28. Thousands mourn Bhutto
  29. 18 die in missile attack
  30. Corruption claims fuel infighting in Tehran
  31. Iraq: 9 killed, 40 wounded in twin suicide bombing in western Iraq
  32. Turkey: Mavi Marmara ship gets hero's welcome in Ýstanbul
  33. Palestine: Israeli army arrests 9 French nationals in West Bank
  34. India: Yet another attempt to manufacture Muslim ‘terrorists’
  35. Malaysia: Shi'as, a security threat ?
  36. Burma: Ancient Muslim cemetery demolished by military regime
  37. Pakistan: China announces $410m assistance for flood victims
  38. Sudan: South Sudan referendum starts as scheduled
  39. Sudan: 25 persons killed in armed clashes in disputed Abyei
  40. Niger: Two French men kidnapped in Niger killed
  41. USA: Five confirmed dead in shooting
  42. Saudi Arabia: Former Tunisian president arrives in Saudi Arabia as dozens killed in T
  43. Sudan: South Sudan referendum polling process enters final day
  44. UK: UK army ‘misleadingly optimistic’ over Afghan war, says former envoy
  45. Lebanon: Defiant Hariri says dialogue only solution
  46. Afghanistan: 3 killed in Kabul suicide bombing
  47. Turkey: Turkish leaders hit back at Merkel’s Cyprus remarks
  48. Lebanon: Uncertainty grips Lebanon as ministers resign
  49. Afghanistan: Roadside bomb kills 7 Afghan civilians
  50. Lebanon: Lebanon set for showdown over P.M. post
  51. Pakistan: Assailants torch 16 Nato oil tankers in Balochistan
  52. Libyan regime warns against civil war
  53. Kenya: Lorry rams into matatu killing 12 on the spot
  54. Tanzania: Hundreds of Gongo la Mboto children missing
  55. Kuwait:: Dozens injured, arrested in Bidun crackdown
  56. Egypt to cancel emergency law within six months
  57. Bangladesh: 11 dead in train-bus collisions in Bangladesh
  58. Bahrain: Army, police fire on protesters
  59. UK: UK concerned about death of Bahraini protesters
  60. Tanzania: Dar es Salaam bomb explosion: President Kikwete urges residents to return h
  61. Saudi Arabia: IDB to help Muslim Aid push social progress
  62. Palestine: Israeli army uproots over 230 Olive trees near Bethlehem
  63. Libya: Qaddafi says he is in Libya
  64. Pakistan: High Court adjourns US official Davis’ immunity case to March
  65. Iran: Iran's pro-government rally calls for capital punishment of opposition leaders
  66. Saudi Arabia: 'Massive protests loom in Saudi Arabia'
  67. Bahrain rally reiterates protesters’ demand
  68. Pakistan: Bomb blast in mosque kills 10, 29 injured in Nowshera
  69. Jordan: Jordanians demand reforms, dissolution of lower house
  70. Yemen: Tens of thousands protest across Yemen against president
  71. UK: Bahrain asked if UK arms were used against protesters
  72. Bahrain: Bahrain opposition eyes meaningful dialogue
  73. Saudi Arabia: Saudi Kingdom bans demonstrations
  74. Palestine: Israeli military invades village near Jenin
  75. Pakistan: Religious scholar, son killed in Karachi
  76. Yemen: Yemeni president affirms to stay in power until 2013
  77. Algeria: Algerian police bans marches calling for reforms
  78. Tunisia: Three cabinet members resign from Tunisian interim government
  79. UK cautioned about military intervention in Libya
  80. World powers send mixed messages on military action against Qaddafi
  81. Brussels: Interpol issues alert against Libyan leader, associates
  82. Rebels lose town as fighting rages
  83. Egyptian protesters attacked
  84. Al Qaeda men shoot down six in Yemen
  85. Afghanistan: Roadside bomb kills 12 civilians,
  86. Egypt names new foreign minister
  87. Pakistan: 20 killed in Faisalabad blast
  88. Palestine: Israeli settlers & soldiers attack Palestinians near Nablus
  89. UAE: GCC seeks no-fly zone as Libya battle rages
  90. Palestine: Israeli army invades Nablus
  91. Afghanistan: 2,777 civilians killed in Afghanistan in 2010
  92. Belgium: EU expands sanctions against Libya
  93. Turkey: Ankara opposes NATO action in Libya as pressure mounts for intervention
  94. Pakistan: School blown up in Darra Adam Khel
  95. Two killed in fresh Yemen clashes
  96. Iran 'faces certain revolt'
  97. Dialogue not protest 'best way forward'
  98. Religious clashes claim 13 in egypt
  99. Prince Saud warns against protests
  100. Bomber kills 37 at funeral
  101. Libya oil tanks hit amid battles
  102. What is the approximate cost of sport shoes for women from a good brand like reebok?
  103. Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media
  104. Iraq: 12 killed, 40 wounded in eastern Iraq's suicide bombing
  105. US: Deadly storms claim nearly 300 lives in U.S. southern states
  106. Turkey: Turkey helped landmark Palestinian reconciliation
  107. Palestine: Israeli settlers torch Palestinian stores In Hebron
  108. Palestine: Israeli settlers attack homes of Palestinians Hebron
  109. 3 Afghan soldiers killed, 2 Pakistani troops injured in clash along border area
  110. MANAMA, (ASSOCIATED PRESS): Bahrain ordered an Iranian diplomat to leave the island k
  111. Afghjanistan: Afghan Taliban set free 476 inmates
  112. Syria: 'Bodies in the streets' as Syrian tanks storm Daraa
  113. Pakistan: Four killed in Quetta shooting incident
  114. Germany imposes caveats on terrorist intel flow to the US
  115. UK: Hague backs NATO change to attack Libya's infrastructure
  116. Afghanistan: 4 NATO soldiers killed S. Afghanistan
  117. LIbya: Libyan opposition say they want to try Qaddafi at home
  118. Palestine: Palestinians to have ambassador in Rome
  119. Lebanon: Condemnation mounts after Israel’s shooting of unarmed demonstrators
  120. Egypt: Egyptian FM named new chief of Arab League
  121. Yemen: Two protesters killed in clashes with police in south Yemen
  122. Afghanistan: Over 20 militants killed as Afghan, NATO forces keep on pressure
  123. Yemen: 19 killed, hundreds injured in clashes across Yemen
  124. Afghanistan: 23 suicide attackers killed, 4 detained in Kandahar province
  125. Nine policemen run over by rioter: bahrain
  126. Emotional reunion :bahrain
  127. Germany imposes caveats on terrorist intel flow to the US
  128. Pakistan: Four killed in Quetta shooting incident
  129. UK: Hague backs NATO change to attack Libya's infrastructure
  130. Afghanistan: 4 NATO soldiers killed S. Afghanistan
  131. Libya: 15 killed in NATO air raid in Brega
  132. India: Nine killed, 59 injured as buses collide
  133. UK challenged over failure to revoke arms exports to Saudi Arabia
  134. Afghanistan: Suicide bombing kills 20, wounds 23 in Logar province
  135. Situation of Karachi and incapbable & inefficient Rehman Malik
  136. Source of Social Disorder in Pakistan
  137. Education of Muslim Children
  138. Coke And Pepsi contains Alcohl. French research
  139. Muslims killed in Burma
  140. Indonesian president urges UN to issue rules on religions defamation
  141. Iran suggests sabotage at IAEA
  142. Afghanistan: Kabul suicide attack protests film
  143. Palestine: Five injured by Israeli army fire near Ramallah
  144. Palestine: Three Palestinians injured by Israeli settlers near Nablus
  145. UK: Mo leads record Muslim haul of Olympic medals
  146. Two dead as thousands protest film in Pakistan, Afghanistan
  147. Libya/USA: Muslim outrage and Western shock
  148. US: Anti-Muslim producer taken in for police questioning
  149. UN Security Council slams series attacks on embassies
  150. Australia: Anti Amercan protesters clash with police
  151. US extends exemption to 11 nations from Iran sanctions
  152. Nigerian troops kill four suspected terrorists
  153. Iran's former president's daughter, Faezeh Hashemi detained
  154. Bangladesh: Protests spread in city over anti-Islam clip
  155. Syria: Mortar shell from Syria hits Israeli army post in Golan Heights
  156. Qatar: Syrian opposition sign unity deal
  157. Pakistan: 15 more killed in Karachi violence
  158. Death and Destruction in Palestine Conflict
  159. Arab journalists demand UN open formal investigation into Israeli attacks on journali
  160. Saudi Arabia: One dead as heavy rains lash Makkah, Eastern Province
  161. Afghanistan: 4 killed in suicide explosion in Kabul
  162. British justice for all – except Muslims?
  163. British citizen Babar Ahmad deported like ‘piece of cargo’ to the US
  164. Palestin: Israeli strikes hit banks, media outlets
  165. Palestine: 21 Palestinians killed in Gaza Tuesday, 137 in last 7 days
  166. Palestine: Israeli settlers torch Palestinian mosque
  167. Syria: UK formally recognizes Syria opposition
  168. Facebook $1 Fee: What You Need To Know About Paying To Send Messages To Strangers
  169. Germany: German spies accused of racism, Islamophobia
  170. Israeli PM apologizes to Turkey after Obama push
  171. Pakistan: 25 dead as bus collides with pylon in Sheikhupura
  172. Palestine: Three children kidnapped in Hebron
  173. Palestinians' despair grows as Obama not to ask Israel to halt settlement
  174. Pakistan: US drones kill four in North Waziristan
  175. France: Muslim woman loses baby after veil attack
  176. India: Heavy rains continue in north India, Uttarakhand worst hit; flood warning in U
  177. Nigeria: Boko Haram insurgents kill 7 students, 2 teachers in Damaturu
  178. Pakistan: Quetta tragedy : Women university closed for indefinite period
  179. Saudi Arabia: Riyadh hopes for warm ties with Tehran under Rouhani
  180. Pakistan: Female suicide bomber responsible for Quetta attack, 25 killed
  181. Kuwait court dissolves parliament, orders new vote
  182. Palestine: Elderly man kidnapped near Hebron
  183. Pakistan: Two arrested on recovery of 35 mortar shells from vehicle
  184. China crackdown on Muslims in Xinjiang
  185. Palestine: Palestinian killed by Israeli missile in Khan Younis
  186. Palestine: Two injured by Israeli army fire in Hebron
  187. Palestine: Wounded young man left bleeding to death by Israeli soldiers in Hebron
  188. Palestine: Thousands of Palestinians seek refuge at UNRWA schools
  189. Palestine: Israeli airstrikes bomb major water line, sewage station, water wells in G
  190. Palestine: List of 183 Palestinians, incl whole families, killed since Tues
  191. Palestine: Eleven Legislators, many residents, kidnapped by Israeli soldiers in West
  192. Palestine: 2478 Palestinians kidnapped since beginning of this year
  193. Palestine: 540 Palestinians kidnapped by Israeli army in less than two weeks