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  1. Bangladesh: 200 Jamaat, Shibir men arrested
  2. Iraq: 4 killed, 35 wounded in Iraq's Najaf blasts
  3. Afghanistan: NATO launches major offensive in Afghanistan to push back Taliban
  4. Palestine:Palestinian man killed by Israeli fire in Hebron
  5. Palestine: Two injured by Israeli forces at the weekly Bil’in protest
  6. USA: Japan surpasses China as largest holder of U.S. Treasury securities
  7. USA: White House declines to discuss Baradar’s arrest
  8. Palestine: Israeli military kidnaps two civilians
  9. Lebanon: Nasrallah warns Israel: If you hit our airport, we'll hit yours
  10. US, Pakistan capture Mullah Baradar
  11. Palestine: Israeli military kidnaps 19 civilians during invasions in West Bank
  12. Pakistan: Troops kill suicide jacket supplier near Peshawar
  13. Uganda: Death toll in Uganda landslide rises to 80
  14. The Hague: Karadzic defends "just and holy" Bosnian war
  15. The Netherlands: Dutch government collapses over Afghanistan
  16. The Netherlands: Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague
  17. Germany: Germany calls for Israeli explanation over Dubai killing
  18. EU raps Iran for Italian embassy attack
  19. Germany: German universities to offer degrees in Islamic theology
  20. The Netherlands: Dutch Cabinet admits Iraq war mistakes
  21. Hashim Amla & Castle logo..........
  22. Mustafa Kamal awarded Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum
  23. flooja mein mahzoor bache peida ho rahe hein
  24. Pakistan: 14 killed in terrorists strike at ‘safe house’ in heart of Lahore
  25. Palestine: Israeli military kidnaps six residents in West Bank
  26. Pakistan: 130 houses of militants torched in Bajaur Pakistan: 130 houses of militants
  27. Palestine: Israeli settlers destroy natural spring near SalfitPalestine: Israeli sett
  28. Ali Yakubov: 9 Month Old Russian Boy With Quran On Body
  29. Afghanistan: Death toll of multiple suicide attacks in S. Afghanistan soars to 27
  30. Pakistan: Lahore copes with grief, 40 detained
  31. US was insulted by Israel's housing plans: Clinton
  32. Palestine: Palestinian worshipers, Israeli police clash in East Jerusalem
  33. India: 12-yr-old kills 4-year-old to 'please' deity
  34. Images of the Recent Rioting in Al-Quds
  35. UK: Palestinian farmers denied visas to visit UK
  36. Obama optimistic over U.S.-Israel relationsObama optimistic over U.S.-Israel relation
  37. Palestine: Israeli army opens fire at anti-wall protest near Gaza City
  38. Pakistan: US drone strikes kill nine militants in North Waziristan
  39. Kashmir: Kashmir has 97000 orphans, 32000 widows
  40. 6 Christian African boxers convert to Islam in Pakistan - 6th jan 2010
  41. USA: Netanyahu reaffirms "right to build" in Jerusalem
  42. USA: Clinton reaffirms U.S.-Israel alliance
  43. Pakistan: Two killed, 10 injured in D I Khan grenade attack
  44. Palestine: Four wounded in Israeli air strike in Gaza
  45. Niqab Ban In Quebec
  46. Afghanistan: German troops kill at least five Afghan soldiers
  47. Iraq: 33 wounded in bomb, gunfire attacks in Iraq
  48. Islamic banking may solve farmer suicide crisis: Swaminathan
  49. BANGLADESH: Rodent crisis leaves thousands hungry
  50. Arab League seeks international peacekeepers in Somalia
  51. Saudi Arabia: 16 killed daily, 275,000 injured yearly in road accidents
  52. US not to mark out Pakistan, India for NPT
  53. UK: UK party leader urges EU to use “economic muscle” against Israel
  54. Somali pirates hijack three Thai fishing ships with 77 crew members
  55. European air traffic resumes, weeks remain to clear backlog
  56. Israel: Israeli settlers attack Arab hjome in Jaffa
  57. Palestine: Israeli settlers uproot olive trees in West Bank
  58. UK resorts to use navy ships as air ban continues
  59. Iraq says 2 Al-Qa'ida leaders killed
  60. Palestine: Israeli settlers install Illegal outpost on Palestinian land
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  62. Niger: Niger's junta approves 12 months transition period
  63. Palestine: Israeli troops kidnap 33 Palestinian civilians in West Bank
  64. USA: New York plot may be revenge for drone attacks, says Pakistani FM
  65. Lebanon: Hizbullah to boycott Beirut polls to avoid sectarian tensions
  66. Iraq: Iraq's two major Shiite blocs form new coalition
  67. USA: US rushed to judgment on Times Square suspect
  68. Palestine: Israeli troops kidnaps 15 Palestinian civilians
  69. UK: Full text of the Conservative-Lib Dem deal
  70. Saudi Arabia: Arab scholar denies support to Al-Ghamdi’s views on gender mixing
  71. Saudi Arabia: Old mosque demolished in Madinah
  72. Dubai: More suspects identified in killing of Hamas official in Dubai
  73. Pakistan blocks YouTube over blasphemous material
  74. Palestine: Israeli troops kidnapped women and children in West Bank
  75. Kashmir: 5 militants, SPO killed in gunfights
  76. Pakistan army kills 60 militants in NW Pakistan
  77. Obama's letter exposes US dishonesty with Iran, says CASMII
  78. Palestine: Four Palestinian residents wounded by Israeli settler fire in Silwan
  79. Paksitan: Attackers of Pakistan's Lahore worship places identified
  80. Afghanistan: Suicide bombing shocks eastern Kabul
  81. UK: Iran’s enrichment deal not flawed, says nuclear professor
  82. Saudi Arabia:: GCC backs efforts to solve Iran N-issue
  83. Turkey: Turkey defends its Iran move as ‘the right track
  84. Afghanistan: 15 dead bodies, black box of crashed Afghan plane found
  85. Iran: Iran agrees to ship low-enriched uranium to Turkey for swap
  86. Australia: Israel responsible for faking Aussie passports, diplomat expelled
  87. Ireland: World pressure must be increased on Israel, says Ireland
  88. UK: UK changes goal-posts in dispute over Iran’s nuclear program
  89. Turkey: ‘Mideast peace unlikely unless US alters relations with Israel’
  90. Indonesia: Ten Indonesian volunteers released after Israeli aid raid
  91. Saudi Arabia: Shoura Council strongly condemns Israeli attack
  92. The Netherlands shocked by Gaza convoy attack, wants explanation
  93. Australia: Fury follows Israel's deadly attack on aid flotilla
  94. Ek sabakh
  95. Muslim
  96. Beard
  97. Pakistan: Pak-Iran gas deal should go ahead, says Senator
  98. UK: UK budget cuts to hit economic growth
  99. Sweden: Terror suspect arrested in Rinkeby
  100. Pakistan: Nine people killed in Karachi firing incidents
  101. deadliest month in Afghanistan for US
  102. Data Darbar bombings: five suspects arrested
  103. Mike Tyson To Perform Umrah
  104. Iran: "Abducted" Iranian scholar says he was kidnapped by CIA
  105. Palestine: Israel demolishes more homes in East Jerusalem
  106. Jammu and Kashmir: Strike, restrictions continue
  107. France: French lower house passes ban on face veil in public
  108. Soccer team banned over headscarves
  109. Firm sues Sweden over dislodged Muslim lawyer
  110. Italy: Niqab wearer risks 500-euro fine
  111. UK: UK troops could start leaving Afghanistan next year, says Cameron
  112. Pakistan: Thirty militants killed in Orakzai fighting
  113. Palestine: Two Palestinians killed, seven wounded by bombing of Beit Hanoun
  114. Israeli military destroys Palestinian village
  115. Carrots for Israel, sanctions for Iran
  116. Israeli commandos used 'shoot to kill' policy in high seas
  117. Police plans to spy on Muslims on camera put on hold
  118. Jammu and Kashmir: Valley reels under curfew, 10 injured
  119. India: More than 50 killed, 150 injured as two trains collide
  120. Iran: Two explosions kill at least 20 in SE Iran
  121. Turkey: US confirms Turkey’s role in Iran nuke efforts
  122. Iran: "Abducted" Iranian scholar says he was kidnapped by CIA
  123. Iraq's Aziz is in danger, lawyers say
  124. Pakistan: Tragedy in the Margallas
  125. Pakistan: Over 100 killed in floods
  126. Somali pirates release Syrian sugar ship
  127. Iraq: Blasts in Iraq's Basra leave over 100 casualties
  128. Pakistan: Troops evacuate thousands in flood disaster
  129. One more death, more houses attacked by Indian forces:kashmir
  130. Pakistan: Half million flee as floods threaten Sindh
  131. Iraq: 11 people killed, 29 wounded in Iraq's violence
  132. Pakistan: Authorities warns of more floods as millions affected
  133. Jammu and Kashmir: DAY 66: Protests continue
  134. World Bank: Floods likely to have destroyed crops worth $1 billion
  135. Jammu and Kashmir: 4 killed by Indian security
  136. Aid to Pakistan slow as millions affected by floods
  137. 60 Kashmiris killed by Indian forces
  138. Germany: Turkish leader calls on Berlin to sack central bank official over racism
  139. Palestine: Red Crescent members arrested at weekly protest, Ni'lin
  140. Iraq: At least 10 killed in Baghdad suicide bombing
  141. Guatemala: Death toll rises to 21 in Guatemala landslides
  142. Palestine: Israel's airstrikes on southern Gaza kill one, wound three
  143. Russia: Death toll rises to five in bombings in Russia's Dagestan
  144. China: Chinese entrepreneur donates one million yuan to Pakistani flood victims
  145. Pakistan: 3.9m children, women need food support
  146. Russia: Death toll of Russian blast climbs to 17
  147. Palestine; Israeli army carries out five airstrikes in Gaza
  148. Jammu and Kashmir: Civilian killed in Bandipora by Indian army
  149. Jammu and Kashmir: Valley simmers under indefinite curfew,
  150. Palestine: Three shepherds, including elderly man, killed by Israeli forces in northe
  151. USA: New York City holds 9/11 memorials amid Ground Zero community centre debate
  152. Turkey: Turkish opposition CHP shoots itself in foot on headscarf issue
  153. Pakistan: At least six killed in US drone strike
  154. Israel: British artist detained and stripped searched at Ben Gurion Airport
  155. Sweden: Local Sweden Democrat: 'ban' practicing Muslims
  156. Somalia: Somali group condemns Qur'an-burning plan of US pastor, call for Muslims to
  157. Afghanistan: 1 killed, 6 injured in Qur'an burning protest in N Afghanistan
  158. Palestine: Dozens wounded as Israeli army attacke protest in Bil’in
  159. Jammu and Kashmir: No let up in protests
  160. India: Firing on tourist bus in Delhi near mosque, 2 injured
  161. Iraq: 12 killed, 45 wounded in two car bombings in Baghdad
  162. Pakistan: US requested to hand over Aafia
  163. Palestine: 'Bound Palestinian shot to death by Israeli policemen'
  164. Jammu and Kashmir: 3 more killed, toll 104
  165. Pakistan: 12 die in fresh U.S. drone strikes in NW Pakistan
  166. Jammu & Kashmir: Yasin Malik’s kin succumbs, toll 96
  167. Iraq: Five killed in violence in eastern, northern Iraq
  168. US fanning the flames of Islamophobia
  169. Interview: Iraq war was illegal, confirms Clegg
  170. Iraq: Four people killed in bomb explosion in Baghdad
  171. UK: Dr.Afia Siddiqui’s sentence as inhuman and unfair in US
  172. Jammu and Kashmir: 109 killed, 2000 injured by Indian security forces
  173. Militants blow up 2 schools in Peshawar
  174. Niger: Al Qa'ida affiliate claims kidnapping seven foreigners in Niger
  175. The Netherlands: Indonesian ambassador 'unwise' to say PVV voters may be 'psychotic
  176. UN: Under UN roof, Gül urges Israel to offer apology
  177. Weeping Karzai laments Afghan woes
  178. Suicide bomb kills Afghan vice-governor
  179. Pakistan: 12 killed as 28 NATO oil tankers attacked near Pakistan's capital
  180. Palestine: Israeil settlers torch mosque, copies of Qur'an, Near Bethlehem
  181. Ja mmu and Kashmir: Curfew, shutdown paralyse Valley, 4 injured
  182. Jammu and Kashmir: Indian police seize newspapers, thrash scribes
  183. Pakistan: Bench-bar gulf widens
  184. Afghnistan: Roadside bomb kills 7 Afghan civilians
  185. US: U.S. imposes sanctions on 8 Iranian officials for human rights abuses
  186. Turkey: Pressure mounts on Israel, accused of suppressing footage
  187. Afghanistan: Suicide attack kills deputy provincial governor, 5 others
  188. Iran: Sakineh Ashtiani is sentenced to death: prosecutor
  189. Iran: Iran marks Week of Defense as parade hit by deadly bomb attack
  190. Libya: Arab-African summit calls for regional cooperation, security
  191. Germany: Germany's first university course for imams opens in Osnabrueck
  192. Germany: State leader wants Germany to close doors to Muslim immigrants
  193. Palestine: Israeli army arrests 8 peace activists during non-violent protest in Beit
  194. Palestine: Israeli settlers attack peace activists attempting to harvest olives in He
  195. UK: Help communities fight climate change through disaster mitigation
  196. UK: UK government faces rebellion over increasing university fees
  197. UK: UK media unite against expansion of Murdoch’s empire
  198. Sweden: Swedes cite integration issues as a 'problem'
  199. Pakistan: Militants kill three anti-Taliban elders in Mohmand
  200. Jammu and Kashmir: Curfew foils Hurriyat march
  201. India: Huge win for BJP in Gujarat civic polls due to Muslim support
  202. Jammu and Kashmir: Torture deaths missing from official count
  203. Jammu and Kashmir: Protests in Islamabad, Srinagar
  204. Pakistan: 7 killed in U.S. drone strike in NW Pakistan
  205. Jammu and Kashmir: 37 students killed during unrest
  206. Pakistan: 29 NATO oil tankers torched in SW Pakistan
  207. Jammu and Kashmir: Restrictions in old city, North Kashmir towns
  208. Pakistan: Landmark Karachi shrine attacked
  209. Sudan: Sudan rejects deployment of int'l buffer troops on north-south borders
  210. Pakistan: No let-up in Karachi killings; toll 33
  211. Palestine: 20 Palestinians wounded in Jerusalem
  212. UK: Trade unions in last-minute appeal against cuts
  213. India: Ten killed in Bihar temple stampede
  214. Indonesia: Merapi's volcanic eruption death toll reach 28
  215. Pakistan: UK declines to return visa processing to Islamabad
  216. Palestine: U.N envoy demands Israel act against settler violence
  217. Palestine: Israeli settlers assualt Arab students in Safad
  218. Palestine: Isreali settlers attack dozens of protestors
  219. Palestine: Israel gives 231 demoloition orders targeting arab homes in Jerusalem
  220. Pakistan: Israeli troops kidnap a number of Palestinians in Jerusalem & other areas
  221. Bin Laden hits out
  222. UAE council backs new Ras Al Khaimah ruler
  223. Dubai World wins support
  224. First Gulf Bank profit falls 9pc
  225. Iraq inflation may surge
  226. Turkey lifts two-year ban on YouTube
  227. Afghan President Karzai criticises US-Russia drugs raid
  228. Saudi king offers talks to break Iraq deadlock
  229. Blast in Jumma prayer in Kohat Pakistan; pray for martyrs
  230. Iraq: 20 wounded in three car bomb explosions in northern Iraq
  231. Palestine: Israeli army detains four brothers in Tulkarem
  232. Anger over Ship to Gaza Swedes' return to Israel
  233. Jammu & Kashmir: Civil curfew anger at Obama visit to India leads to shutdown in Vall
  234. Indonesia: Death toll from Indonesian volcano tops 100
  235. Jammu & Kashmir: No prayers in Jamia Masjid on 9th Friday
  236. Jammu & Kashmir: Youth injured in Baramulla firing
  237. Palestine: Israeli soldiers kidnap 12 Palestinians in West Bank
  238. Pakistan: 15 killed in Orakazi airstrike
  239. EU criticizes Turkey in annual report on membership hopefuls
  240. BANGLADESH: Rohingya youth hunger for education
  241. Afghnistan: Twin blasts kill 3, wound 29 in E Afghanistan
  242. Turkey: AK Party bursts out against former US envoy's coup-loving remarks
  243. Afghanistan: 18 Taliban insurgents killed in S Afghanistan
  244. Afghanistan:Taliban kill 8 police in northern Afghan province
  245. EU criticizes Turkey in annual report on membership hopefuls
  246. Sri Lankan new cabinet sworn in
  247. Jammu & Kashmir: Clashes in Valley
  248. Paksitan: Foreign Office rejects drone operations expansion idea
  249. Jammu & Kashmir: Geelani, Mirwaiz under house arrest
  250. Jammu & Kashmir: Arrest triggers protests in Sopore town