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  1. please mere liye dua kariyega
  2. Dua for Muslim Forum
  3. the worst needy
  4. Dua for me
  5. Dua for guidance
  6. salaam
  7. Pray for....
  8. About getting JOB
  9. Please pray
  10. My true life story start to end
  11. dua for my brithers son.
  12. Pray for my life
  13. plz make dua 4 ma lyf
  14. Pray for my sister
  15. Please DUA For Pakistan and All Muslims
  16. Dua for me
  17. Dua for happy family
  18. dua for my daughter
  19. dua for success
  20. pray for me izzath
  21. plz pray for my ....
  22. dua for life & marry
  23. plz make dua 4 ma lyf
  24. Please make D'ua that i pass my examinations
  25. Please make D'ua for my Relative
  26. Please pray for my parents
  27. please pray for me.
  28. Plzzz pray for my admission friendsss:-)
  29. dua for exam inter and eamcet
  30. Sihat ke liay DUA
  31. Request of Dua for my exams
  32. Dua
  33. pray for me
  34. Please Pray for my sister s marriage
  35. Pray For My Mom
  36. Please Pray for My Father
  37. please pray for my family
  38. Special P ray
  39. Plz Pray
  40. Please Pray
  41. Please pray for my father and family
  42. Please pray for my ex partner and for me
  43. Prayer and Dua Request for my Innocent Father
  44. pray for my student's father health and life
  45. Please pray for me that I should get a job
  46. Please Pray For My Dad
  47. Prayers Required for my Mother
  48. Ablution App : Wudu
  49. if you need some thing , ask allah only
  50. Request For Dua'ah For our Beloved Islamic Sister (Nafisah Bello Mahe)
  51. Dua Request For Islamic Sister From Nigeria (Nafisah Bello Mahe)
  52. Assalaam alaikom