View Full Version : Wealth of Experience

03-15-2010, 12:43 PM
You've been building value within you all your life. It is
The priceless value of experience, and every bit of it is
Still with you.

Today you have more than you've ever had. Think of all the
Good and useful things you can do with that wealth of

From every victory, from every defeat, that experience grows
Wiser and more valuable. And now, in this moment, you can
Utilize the value of your lifelong experience to create even
More value.

Your perspective is unique, and from that perspective you
Can build a richness of living that is perfectly suited to
You. What's more, you can share that richness with those
Around you to make it even more fulfilling.

What a great opportunity you have. And you do indeed have
It, wherever you are and whatever you've been through.

Feel, appreciate and explore your living and growing wealth
Of experience. You are worth far more than you can ever
Imagine, so imagine the very best and bring it to life.