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05-07-2010, 09:24 AM
Niger: Niger's junta approves 12 months transition period

NIAMEY, (Xinhua): The Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy in Niger (CSRD) has validated the proposal by the National Consultative Council (transitional parliament) on a 12-month transition period, local press reported on Thursday.

The CSRD approved the timeline, but modified the chronological order of the various elections proposed by the National Consultative Council.

On April 23, the National Consultative Council suggested a transition government of 12 months beginning from Feb. 18, the date when former president Mamadou Tandja was overthrown by the CSRD in a military coup.

The National Consultative Council proposed the organization of electoral stages, the installation of the National Independent Electoral Commission on May 5, a referendum on a new constitution on Oct. 24 and, in December, the legislative elections coupled together with the first round of the presidential elections.

According to a statement read by the spokesman of the CSRD, colonel Goukoye Abdoulkarim, a constitutional referendum will follow local, legislative and presidential elections.

Goukoye also announced that an Anti-Corruption Commission will be formed, reaffirming the commitment of the transitional authorities to pursue national reconciliation and to engage in operations to clean public finance expenditure.

"Cases that are ready will be handled and the new state inspectors will soon launch investigations in all other cases," he said, reiterating that no case of embezzlement of public funds will be left out.