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Worse Than An Adulterer

A lady of Bani Israel came to Hazrat Musa alaihis salaam and said, "O Prophet of Allah! I have committed a grave sin, and I have asked for forgiveness as well. Please ask Allah Ta'ala to forgive me." Hazrat Musa alaihis salaam asked, "What crime have you committed?" She said, "I committed adultery and a child was born from it. I killed the child." Upon hearing this Hazrat Musa alaihis salaam said, "O wretched one, get out. Your evil may cause it to rain fire and burn all of us." She became very disheartened and left. Then Hazrat Jibraeel alaihis salaam came and said, "O Musa alaihis salaam, Allah Ta'ala states that why did you turn away one that has repented? Have you not seen anyone commit a worse sin than this?" Hazrat Musa alaihis salaam asked, "Who can be worse than this woman?" Hazrat Jibraeel alaihis salaam replied, "The one that intentionally misses prayers is worse than this woman." (Mukashifat Ul Quloob)

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Jazak Allah bhai...:)

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jazakAllah ................

ya Allah forgive us bring on the right path

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jazak Allah

May Almighty Allah forgive us and show us the right path


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OH my GOD i have leave my prayers many times and i am bad then this women. Oh ALAH Almighty please forgive me. i am always have a repentance over leaving my prayers and read it lately but this is not repentance. If this is repentance i will never do the same thing let happen again and again.

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Allah mai AAP ki Panah chati hun

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OH ALLAH forgive us all we are worst then this women.

Altaf Sultani
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Jazaak Allahu khyr...........