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What is Imaan-Faith ?

Faith/lmaan is to listen to what Allah and his Messenger has stated and to believe it true in your heart.

What is Kufr/infidelity

If you reject one aspect which you know that to believe is part of Islam then this is Kufr. Like, to reject, Qayamat, Angels, Jannat, Dozakh, Hisab, or not to believe that Namaz, Roza, Zakat, Hajj is Farz (obligatory). It is also Kufr not to believe that the Holy Quran is the words of Allah. To insult the holy Ka'aba, the holy Quran, or any of the Prophets or Angels is also Kufr. To degrade any of the Sunnats (actions of the Holy Prophet), to make jokes of the orders of Shariat (Islamic law) or to reject or suspect it untrue any known and recognised aspects of Islam is also definitely Kufr/infidelity. To be a Muslim you have to, together with faith and belief also pledge your status as a Muslim. One must pledge his faith unless there is a difficulty, for example, you cannot speak, or to speak would mean to lose your life or would lose a part of the body, then it is not necessary to pledge your faith with your tongue. In fact one can state things against Islam if their life is at risk. However, it is always best and reward not to say anything against Islam even to save your life. Except for this exception, whenever there is something that is submitted against Islam then they will be recognised as a Kafir. Whether you say that I was only saying it with my tongue but really did not believe it in my heart it will still be recognised as Kufr. Also to perform actions which are signs of Kufr then if you perform them you will be recognised as a Kafir/infidel. For example, to wear a 'Janeo' (a sacred thread worn by Hindus), or to have a lock of hair (plats for men) the same as Buddhists have, or to wear a cross are all actions of Kufr.

03-12-2009, 09:39 AM
What aspects makes a person a Muslim

For a person to become a Muslim it is necessary for them to believe Islam as the true religion and does not reject any of it's necessary aspects, and also does not have beliefs contradictory or against the religion's necessary aspects (Zaroriyaat-e-Deen). Whether the person does not have the knowledge about all the religion's necessary aspect, i.e. even if he is a complete and utter illiterate he must believe in Islam and in the messenger of Islam and not have any beliefs against the necessary aspects of Islam (Zarooriyat-e-Deen). Whether he cannot pray the Kalima (submission into Islam) properly he is still a Muslim and not a Kafir. Thferefore, if he misses Namaz, Roza, Hajj etc. he will be a grave sinner but will remain a Muslim. This is because deeds are not a part of faith.
Belief: Whatever is without doubt Haram (forbidden) and to believe it as Halal (allowed), and to believe something Haram which is no doubt Halal is Kufr. when there is no suspicion of a particular thing being Halal or Haram or the person knows this.

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