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Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi Radiallaho Ta'ala 'Anhu says that I left home to perform Hajj. I pointed my mount towards the Qibla and set off. However my mount (horse) took me to a city in the Roman Empire called Constantinople. I tried to get it to go towards the Ka'aba but it would not go there. When I reached Constantinople I saw a large group of people who were talking to each other. I enquired as to their situation and they informed me that the king's daughter had gone insane and they were searching for a doctor.

I told them that I would cure her. I was taken to the King's palace, when I reached the door I heard a voice from inside saying "How long will you stop your mount from coming towards me when it was bringing you to me?" When I stepped inside I saw a beautiful woman who was tied in chains and restrained. She said "Please cure me, give me some medicine that will cure me and I regain my normal senses. I told her to recite Laa Ilaha Illal Laah Muhammad Ur Rasool Allah Sallallaho 'Alaihi Wasallam. She recited it aloud. As soon as she did, the chains broke and fell off. The King was shocked and said, "By Allah, what a beautiful and successful doctor. You have cured my daughter and eliminated her illness." I said to the King, "You also recite the kalimah and the disease of Kufr (infidelity) will be removed from you." He did this and accepted Islam. Upon seeing this amazing power of the kalimah, untold numbers of the king's subjects accepted Islam in the town. ( Nuzhatul Majaalis)

My Beloved Prophet Sallallaho 'Alaihi Wasallam's beloved devotees, if an infidel can recite the kalimah and be blessed with faith, is a believer recites the kalimah, will he not receive freedom from the hellfire, and will he not receive untold mercies of Allah Ta'ala? Undoubtedly he will. Recite kalimah in abundance and obtain the benefits and become rich with the blessings. May Allah Ta'ala give us all guidance. Aameen

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