View Full Version : What To Eat In Summer

06-29-2010, 10:00 PM
Summer time is the hot session of nature and in this season our health system literally plea for cool diet. Following are few tips about summer food:

A cool diet is recommended during summer.
Take in a lot of fluids in the form of juices.
The food you eat in summer should be light and easily digestible.
Avoid spicy, oily dishes and fried foods.
Your diet should include plenty of fresh juicy seasonal fruits such as oranges, sweet limes, strawberries, grapes, guavas, watermelons, jamuns, banana, papaya etc.
Mangoes and jack fruit, available in plenty during the summer, are rich sources of b-carotene.
However they are heat-inducing and high in calories, so they should be eaten in moderation.
Curd is a great summer food as it is cooling.
During summer, avoid porridge of ragi as it increases the body's heat level.
Vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins that help build resistance against the colds and fever that are very common during this season.