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07-03-2010, 12:28 PM
AsSalamaalikum my dear brothers & sisters
I was a person who was " off track " not a sincere muslim, but now i have understood the tools kuffaar are using against the whole world to control it and rule it. We are not actually free ( thats what we think we are ). Television media, Music rock music etc.., News, advertisements even cartoons are the tools that are used to control us, our opinions these days are totally modified by these tools, if we go behind these tools we will see that the controllers of them are infact a strong force but a small group of same people and they are all related to each other. Anyways enough of talking i would like to share some important documentary's and videos which will infact change the way we look at this world.
First of all
" THE ARRIVALS " - This is a great documentary which encouraged me to research further and harder, this will totally change everyone's life. The Arrivals can be found on YOUTUBE but youtube administration is continously placing a BAN on their videos but still it can be found on YOUTUBE or it can be downloaded using torrent (Utorrent) the whole series consists of 50 life changing episodes.
Can be downloaded at extratorrent, the good quality video consists of 4.15GB, the normal 1.97GB
Listen to the Speech by Shaikh Imran Hosein -
Gog & Magog, 2012 and the Significance of Pakistan

Look at some documentarys on the Arrival of Dajjaal.

May Allah show us the right path and forgive us for what we have done.