View Full Version : Iran: "Abducted" Iranian scholar says he was kidnapped by CIA

07-22-2010, 10:52 AM
Iran: "Abducted" Iranian scholar says he was kidnapped by CIA

TEHRAN, (Xinhua): An Iranian scholar who had gone missing for more than one year told reporters here Thursday he was kidnapped by the CIA and the abduction was part of the U.S. campaign to add political pressures to Iran.

Shahram Amiri, 32, who arrived in Tehran early in the morning, told a news conference that he was abducted by CIA agents when he was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in June last year.

"I was abducted by the U.S. and Saudi Arabian intelligent service agents in front of my hotel in Medina city (in Saudi Arabia). I was transferred to an unknown place in Saudi Arabia. I was injected an got unconscious.

Then they transferred me to the American soil with a military plane," said Amiri, who worked at Iran's Malek Ashtar University before went missing. Western media reports also said he has been identified as an employee of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization, or the IAEO.

He said that he was interrogated and tortured by U.S. and Israeli agents who wanted classified information about Iran's nuclear projects from him.

"In the first two months in the United States, I was subjected to the most severe mental and psychological pressures and tortures by the CIA interrogators," said Amiri.

He said that the Americans urged him to announce that he had carried a laptop containing information about Iran's sensitive nuclear program.