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Finding out someone's IP address is like finding their phone number, an IP address can be used to find the general location where that person lives. Sometimes its necessary to find out an IP address in order to report an internet crime such as stalking or harassment.
The best way to find out someone's IP address is by using an instant messaging program such as MSN Messenger or AIM since this opens up a direct line of communication between the two computers. It only takes a few easy steps to track an IP address after opening communication.

Finding IP Address Using MSN Messenger

1. Chat with the person on MSN Messenger
2. Click “Start” on your computer
3. Click “Run” box.
4. Type in “cmd” or “command.” Press “Enter” on your keyboard.
5. Type “netstat” into the Command Screen.
6. The IP address of the person you are chatting with will come up.

However there are many software available in market to hide ur IP address .Make sure that the person u are chatting with on MSN is not using any sware to hide his/her IP address.. well ...most of the people don't use it.

Next time I will tell you how to find out someone's IP address thro emails.

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In a simple way to know this.Try this www.whoisxy.com (http://www.whoisxy.com/domain-to-ip.aspx) it provides domain to IP,IP to domain,Ping etc.,