View Full Version : Introducing FlyHajj.com: Your Gateway to Hajj and Umrah Travel!

08-28-2010, 11:50 PM
FlyHajj (http://www.flyhajj.com) & FlyUmrah (http://www.flyumrah.com) is a leading global online travel portal offering hajj and umrah travelers a wide number of packages offered by different travel companies on a single portal. This portal was created to address hajj and umrah travelers need for a comprehensive display of fares, rates, lodging, facilities, share hajj and umrah experiences, learning center and travel agents reviews in a single location. Our objective is to make holy travel to Saudi Arabia one-stop shopping, simple and efficient

FlyHajj provides the travelers with the following free capabilities:

Search and compare relevant hajj and umrah packages
Make manual and fully automatic bookings
Connect travelers to partner travel agents
Share experience using FlyHajj community
Review and compare travel agents services
Learn about hajj and umrah through industry leading learning center
Create personal profile
Receive notifications
Check status of booking requests
And much more...

FlyHajj & FlyUmrah empowers the travel agents and companies with new easy to use Web 2.0 technology offering the following capabilities:

Create simple or complex hajj and umrah packages
Enable, disable and copy packages with one click
Receive referrals through FlyHajj Connect
Act on manual and fully automatic bookings through email and portal
Promote your travel company using FlyHajj & FlyUmrah community
Advertise your travel company through FlyHajj & FlyUmrah premium ad space
Send announcements to groups
Share company branded hajj and umrah information using industry leading learning center
Create personal account
Create multiple packages by uploading a single file
Update status of booking requests
And much more...