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10-07-2010, 07:19 AM
Numerous Ahadith have been recorded pertaining to Hajj. Here’s a look at a few essential ones. Hadrat Abu Said has said that the messenger of Allah delivered a sermon to us and said that Allah has made it fard for you to perform Hajj, so do perform the pilgrimage. (Muslim) Hadrat Ibn Umar has said that the Holy Prophethttp://www.webdnaworks.com/4hajandumrah/portal/places_files/salla%5B1%5D.gif said
“Islam is based on five things: to bear witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammadhttp://www.webdnaworks.com/4hajandumrah/portal/places_files/salla%5B1%5D.gif is His Slave and Messenger, to observe prayer, to pay Zakah, to perform the pilgrimage to the House of Allah and to fast in the month of Ramadan." (Muslim, Bukhari)
Hadrat Ibn Abbas said that a woman of the tribe said to the Prophethttp://www.webdnaworks.com/4hajandumrah/portal/places_files/salla%5B1%5D.gif “Messenger of Allah! The command of Allah that His servants should perform Hajj has come when my father is a very old man and is unable to sit on a camel firmly. May I perform the pilgrimage on his behalf?” He said that she might, and that was during the farewell pilgrimage. (Bukhari and Muslim)
This Hadith proves that if anyone is unable to perform Hajj due to sickness and old age, someone else can perform it on his behalf.

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jazak Allah Khair