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10-14-2010, 04:51 AM
UK: Help communities fight climate change through disaster mitigation

London, (Muslim Aid):

Muslim Aid has called for governments worldwide to re-double their efforts to building more informed and resilient communities in the face of natural disasters. In a statement marking the UN International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction on 13 October 2010, a Spokesperson for Muslim Aid said:

“The last decade has seen some major disasters from the Indian Ocean Tsunami to the devastating earthquakes in Indonesia, Pakistan and Haiti, and from the disastrous consequences of drought in West Africa to the wide ranging flood catastrophes in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

"The inter-connected issues of climate change, global warming and reducing carbon emissions by both the industrialised countries and emerging economies are on the global agenda of the UN conferences and other international meetings. Globally, countries need to invest more in creating public awareness about managing climate change and making disaster mitigation a part of their national climate change strategies.

"The communities that are affected the most are always the poor and vulnerable. Governments and international NGOs also need to work together to prepare integrated development programmes which include prevention, mitigation and preparedness in order to help communities live safely and with dignity and independence.”

Muslim Aid has implemented a number of disaster reduction programmes to ensure safer habitats as communities across the world have lost their loved ones, households and livelihoods and have no access to basic services such as healthcare, education and water due to natural disasters. Muslim Aid has also incorporated a number of disaster reduction strategies from flood mitigation programmes in Indonesia to earthquake resistance housing and insulated shelter in Pakistan.