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Khadija bought a slave boy,Zaid ibn haarita and offered him to Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him as a gift.Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him immediately freed him from the bondage of slavery and treated him with kindness and affection.meanwhile Zaid father set out from his native town to find his son who have been abducted. he saw a boy in makkah and recongised him as zaid.The father asked mohammad Peace Be Upon Him to free the boy for a large ransom.Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him replied that there was no need for any ransom and the boy should be allowed to make up his own mind. Both men agreed that they would respect zaid decision.zaid,however,said that Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him have looked after him like his own son with fatherly love and affection and that he was happy to stay with Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.Zaid's father respected his son wish and zaid stayed in makkah.
The strength of mohammad pbuh character,his humanity,his sense of fair play and justice,his respect for the individual and human rights were so profound and real that they all came through in zaid decision to stay with Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him rather to return to his native country.

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jazzak Allah
yea its a famous narration
one who comes under the kind and blessed company of prophet Muhammad pbuh could never decide to make himself deprived of it at any cost even of his life......
Muhammad ki Mohabbat Deen-e-haq ki shart-e-awwal ha
Isi me ho agar khami tu Emaa'n na mukammal ha
Muhammad ki Ghulami ha sanad azaad hony ki
Khuda k daaman-e-toheed me abaad hony ki
Sallu Allal habeeb
Sal Allah o ala Muhammad
Sal Allah o Alaihe Wasallam

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jazaqallah very nice sharing

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Please write darood in full (Peace Be Upon Him) instead of pbuh.As its a sin to write it in short.
I have edited the post.

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jazakallah brother for telling me from now on i will write in full barakallah brother

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May ALLAH Reward You

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barakallah brother