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04-20-2011, 11:48 AM
We are the team that created FlyHajj.com (http://www.flyhajj.com) & FlyUmrah.com (http://www.flyumrah.com), global platform for connecting pilgrims to Hajj & Umrah tour operators. The project was started as we ourselves had lots of issues finding the right travel agent offering the best quote/prices. Sometimes there are genuine problems where you dont get what you are promised and being on your own is not so comforting in Saudi Arabia. Knowing Arabic helps but you are at the mercy of others. Above all, your experience is ruined if you have other problems such as transportation or accommodation.

So we thought of creating a platform where we could connect certified travel agents (approved by Ministry of Hajj, KSA) with prospective pilgrims. But since we wanted to make sure that pilgrims get the best price and none of the travel agents get preferential treatment, we made it FREE. We get enquiries from travel agents as to why it is free? Whats in there for FlyHajj.com? Our humble reply is that its “Fi-sabeelillah”. And thats true. MashAllah we have already connected hundreds of pilgrims with travel agents globally.

We have also initiated a program where we allow Muslims who are well-off and can sponsor others for Hajj & Umrah. What could be a bigger reward than helping others perform pilgrimage! You could also let us know if you would like to sponsor somebody by emailing us at info@flyhajj.com.

We also allow locals to offer hotels, apartments or car rentals etc. in Saudia Arabia to create their postings so we have an open marketplace which is naturally more competitive. There are new posts everyday which are useful for travel agents as well as pilgrims.

Please share your Umrah or Hajj experiences and let us know your thoughts on FlyHajj.com.

FlyHajj Team

08-11-2011, 01:04 AM

Dear brothers and sisters who are well off please help me send my elderly father and mother on hajj. they are 70 and 60 respectively and have longed to go on hajj for many years but we cant get the money together.

Alhumdulillah we are happy with Allah swt providing us with food shelter drink and safety but I appeal to any brothers and sisters who are a part of the program to help others go on Hajj to please consider my situation.

Ramadan mubarrak and please someone take this oppurtunity to gain huge reward and truly make an elderly muslims dreams come true with the will and permission of Allah inshallah.