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GEMS OF WISDOM : Some of his beautiful and wise sayings are being presented, so that we may read and make amal upon them.

"A Sufi is like the earth, onto which all the dirt is thrown and yet it blossoms into a green pasture.”

“Tasawwuf is that which kills you and lives by itself. The most powerful relationship is that of the
servant to his Creator. When he tries to understand the secrets of Tauheed, all roads are sealed to the
creation, except the road to the Beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).”

“Do not follow him, who follows the Quran and leaves the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).”

“The evil thoughts (waswasah) of the nafs are worse than the waswasah of shaitaan. Shaitaani
waswasah can be neutralized by reciting La Houla… but it requires struggle to overcome the
waswasah of the nafs.”

“A person becomes a human being by virtue of character, not by appearance.”

“Obedience to the nafs is the foundation of corruption.”

“One who considers his nafs to be evil is a good servant of Allah.”

“He who does not complain and patiently bears hardships is noble.”

“Blindness is better for the eye which does not derive lesson from the creation of Allah Ta’ala.
Dumbness is better for the tongue which does not make the Zikr of Allah Ta’ala. Deafness is better
for the ear which does not listen to the truth. Death is better for the body which does not worship
Allah Ta’ala.”

“Ikhlaas (sincerity) demands that you deem your good deeds not worthy of acceptance in the Exalted
Court of Allah Ta’ala.”

“By renouncing the world and adopting seclusion, Imaan remains safe, the body healthy and the
heart happy.”

“One who guards his heart, guards the Deen.”

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