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Thread: Who is a Waliy?

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    Default Who is a Waliy?


    The Arabic word Wali (plural: Awliya) is usually translated as "Saint", but since this translation has Catholic overtones, one should avoid it. A Wali is one who:- has a close station to Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, receives an inheritance from one or more Prophets and is protected by Allah Ta'ala from majour sins and repetition of sins in general and kept in state of Obedience.
    Wallahu A'alam.

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    Walaikkum Salaam
    My brother
    I do not agree with this explanation of Wali my brother.
    Wali means in simple langauge is Friend of Allah SWT . You can not go on translating in all world's langauges to give exact meaning of the word Wali.
    Moreover, a Wali is one who dedicated his life in ibadah and sunna of our Prophet Hazreth Muhammed not by other prophets. After Islam, all the muslims of high profile except Khulfai Rashedeen,Sahebis, others are Walis.
    Other from Yehudi and Nasara will be called Abeedeen or let them be called saints what different does it make.

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