One of the most impressive stories about this great saint of Allah is the story about his pilgrimage from his home and his great act of honesty and the trust in Allah he exhibited:

A famous incident which illustrates his obedience to his mother occurred shortly after him leaving for Baghdad when his caravan (Qafila) was attacked by a sixty man band of highwaymen. They demanded each member of the Qafila to hand over any valuables they had on their person. Unknown to them Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) was carrying the forty gold coins which his mother had sown to the inside of the garment he was wearing for safekeeping. Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) refused to disobey his mother’s noble instruction not to lie and when one of the bandits asked him if he had any valuables he volunteered the whereabouts of the coins but the bandit did not believe him.

A second bandit then asked Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) the same question and he again said that forty gold coins were in his jacket but the second bandit also didn’t believe him. When the leader of the robbers heard of what Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) had said he ordered that the stitching be undone and to his utter astonishment the coins were there. This great act of honesty reduced the leader of the robbers to a great state of humility and he asked Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu), ‘When your money was safe, what compelled you to insist that you had it and say where it was hidden’, to which the great Sheikh replied, ‘I must tell the truth under any circumstances, as I promised to my mother’

The leader was reduced to tears and in the spirit of repentance he said, ‘I reneged on my promise to the One Who created me. I stole and killed. What will happen to me?’. Before the great Sheikh could reply the other highwaymen, filled with the fear of Allah, interjected and uttered the most unpredictable words, ‘You have been our leader all these years in sinning. Now also be our leader in repenting’. The highwaymen then took the hand of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) and offered their bay’ah (pledge of allegiance) and sought the repentance of Almighty Allah. It is here necessary to pause for a moment and reflect upon a beautiful observation. Towards the end of the life of Sheikh Abdul Qadir (Razi ALLAH Tala Anhu) saints and great friends of Allah would flock towards him in hoards so as to offer their bay’ah at his hand yet the first people to offer their bay’ah at his blessed hand were sixty thieves and killers. Indeed almighty Allah’s Mercy knows no limit.