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  1. walaikum salam sis.

    Alhamthulillah i'm fn...
    hw abt u?
  2. assalamualikum howz u?
  3. m also fn
  4. Walaikum salam...
    Alhamdulillah fn sis....

    wt abt u?
  5. assalamualaikum bhai
    how r u?
  6. walaikumassalam
    he is not fn till now
    from 2 weeks he is unabke to eat nor he can drink a sip of water
    cant even speak anything
  7. Assalaamu alaikum sis....

    hz ur uncle now?
  8. Walaikum salam...

    fine Alhamdulillah.....
  9. assalamualaikum
    howz ur sister now?
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