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Conversation Between abdulmadarbux and Sufiyan Shaikh

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  1. Waalaikum Salam brother.
    hope you are well.
  2. walaikum
  3. Waalaikun Salam, brother Sufiyan Shaikh.
    Hope you are well.
  4. walaikum
  5. Waalaikum Salam brother Sufiyan Shaikh.
    How r u getting on?
  6. walikum bhai
  7. Waalaikum Salam brother.
    I am not too bad, but tired and lazy because it is very cold outside, boring.
  8. walaikum Bhai, Kaise ho aap????????????
  9. Waalaikum Salam Brother.
    i Did not tell you before about my back. I hurt it and now is causing me pain, but I am managing . Awaiting further treatment from hospital. Remember me in your dua, brother
  10. walaikum bhai how r u??????????????
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