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Conversation Between bint-e-anwar and Sufiyan Shaikh

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  1. Wa alaikum assalam brother how r u and what about ur studies?
  2. Very good sis.............Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!! Allahtala azzawajal aapko deen aur duniya ki daulat se nawaze................Ameen
  3. Wa laikum assalam brother. i am fine but bzy in stdies these days badly bcoz its end of term and there are lots of assignments and labwork to be reprted. how r u and what about ur exams.
  4. Kaise ho aap?????????
  5. assalam walaikum sis

  6. no prob brother. u can ask any thing if u can not find the soln. it would be my pleasure
  7. k sis thanksssss a lot will send u a pm
  8. thanks.
    brother difficulties are in every thing in our life when we have to do some thing no matter its hard or easy to do. deen is our religion and aslo life is based on deen no problem arises if we want to follow it. waisy some times students face problems and get distraced also but if u r mature enogh no thing can distarct u. all we have to do is to make our best effort and then small mistakes Allah will forgive insha Allah. take care Allah Hafiz
  9. do u feel any difficulty
  10. its simple there is no difficulty if u want to do so u can do it easily there is no trick in managment. all u need is to remmeber that u are a muslim all things go accordingly
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