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Conversation Between Angel and Islami

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  1. Waleikum
  2. salam..
    wel cum back
  3. u alaikum angel ji....
  4. CUte Kubse Ho Gayi HUh
    Shankuu Waise
    Mishh U Too

  5. miss u..huh..lolz
  6. Lolzz U Ne Kuch Nahin Kiya
    Don't Worry About It Sis
  7. Awww Beautiful Sho0o Shweet Of U
    Thanks SIso0o
  8. It Means Mother It Hurts Alot... In Other Words Mom I am In A Lot Of Pain Or Its Hurting Alot They Are Many Ways To U CAN Probably sAY It
  9. angel aap ki sign me likha he maa...bohat dard ho raha he...wt dis mean.....cant get it...
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