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  1. assalamoalikum where are u sis
  2. jazakAllah sis thanks for ur prayers
  3. Mashallah that is great news im very happy for u, just been busy in life but all is well hope ur well to and congratulations for your baby May Allah make it naik and guide it on the path of islam always. Ameen
  4. walikumsalaam i am fine alhmadolillah now i am mother i am blessed with kid Alhamdolillah hows ur life going i was very eager to know how u doing its long had no conversation with u wish u have been doing all fine
  5. Asalamu a lakum sis how r u? hope all is well havn't been online in a while missed the site but now im back Insha Allah.
  6. where are u rainbow havn't seen u long hope u doing all well
  7. assalamoalikum how are u sis
  8. jazakAllah sis for ur prayers and wishes
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