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Thread: first of all salam aleikum wr wb

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    Default first of all salam aleikum wr wb

    i am new here and in need of advice. Am 8 month pregnant, exactly in my 36 week. As you see am a revert hamdulillah. Am married to an arabic guy. we have 3 kids already and 4'th on the way. Last saturday i got enough of my husbands all day staying out. He live in the morning after taking shower and comes back late evening ... but this day he went 11 a.m. and came back 01.30 a.m. He hardly see the kids. And i was worried where he is and sender him sms where i wrote mashallah. Than i didn't hear from him i wrote sleep outside. I know he wouldn't couse am living next to my family in law. So i locked him outside. He came trying to open the door, but couldn't. Started to scream, telling he would kill me. Than he went to his mum sending me sms's calling me for ugly and bit... . Writing that he send me to my country and i will pay for it. All i wrote to him was telling him to go and pray fair and so on. Than the next day sunday he started to insult me more. Wrote am forbidden to enter his mums home and its the first step of the punishment. I answered nice again. Than again my next punishment was to send me to my country. I wrote to him to leave me alone. Than his last sms writing to me: i make your life hell first tomorrow i will marry and bring IT (not her, he call a women IT) to my mum. I called his mum and told her to make him stop writing to me those things. She was complaining over I locked him out. I was so angry ... I packed his clothes and took theme to her. She of course was not happy about it ... but i told her what he wrote. She said he was joking. I said no couse its 3'th time he telling me about second wife. In our marriage contract i stated no more wires than me and if he decided to marry again i wanted a divorce. The times have passed and I didn't talk to him since the last sms. My mother in law think he is coming back to me. But I start to loose the believe. On the other hand i prefer to be alone than with this verbally abuse that didn't happen first time. My husband don't pray, he watch haram movies, he smokes. Please tell me what to do ... as my family in load think me and my husband have to talk together ... but he is stubborn and so am I. Did i do something wrong not letting him come home that night? And does anyone know if he can stay away from home without telling me a talaq? And if we divorce how long is my waiting period now that i am pregnant? Pls pls i need help.

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    sister both of u should have hold on temper. any how u and ur husband should resolve the issue by dialogue once again and both of u should think about future of ur kids. dnt listen or bother about other ppl around u its ur personal matter and u should have courage to solve it urself u know ur husbands nature and would also know how to handle with him just keep ur temper in controll and seriously try to resolve the issue. what bad habbits u r reffering to of ur husband can be given up if u are ready to help him. just reconsider the matter. if u get divorce during pregnancy then u will have to wait for onset of birth of baby. and after that divorce will happen and during pregnancy divorce doesnot happen.

    ایک ھوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لیے
    نیل کے سا حل سے لے کرتابخاکِ کاشغر

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