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Thread: Consideration for the Parents

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    Default Consideration for the Parents

    Teachings of Islam full fill all aspects of life. Islam gives an honor able place to the parents and Muslims are urge to respect elders, especially their parents. It is obligation of Muslims to treat parents with love, kindness and to look after them as they do for us in early childhood.

    Respect to parents is a key to paradise, upholding command of Allah (SWT) and giving affection to parents will bless rewards. There are many ways to give honor to parents in their life as well as after their death. A Muslim may pray for his parents and make supplications that Allah (SWT) showers his blessings and mercy towards them. Fasting for parents whom they missed in month of Ramadan because of illness or older age is also a kind of respecting parents.

    Once a companion of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked about the greatest deeds that Allah Almighty loves most. He (pbuh) replied, “The prayers that offered on time and honoring Parents…” (Sahih Bukhari)

    Islam gives importance to the unity of family, sharing love strengthens relationship and yet it is your parents who love you most in the world. After Allah (SWT), it is our parents who deserve gratitude and obedience. The only exception that one has, if parents force their child to associate anyone with Allah (SWT) or worship other then Almighty, he/she can disobey at that stage.

    Hijab al Faisal works at that is a Quran reading institute where kids and adults learn Quran without leaving their home.
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