God communicated with mankind since man's creation on earth. He has not changed His Word. Unfortunately, His Word was not good enough for mankind, so they changed it for Him. When someone changes God's Word, they worship a different 'god'. It is written [John 1:1 KJV BIBLE] that The Word of God, IS GOD.

What we see today, is similar to what King David spoke of in Psalm 83. The enemies of Israel will seek the destruction of the true chosen children of God [The Israelites]. These enemies WILL NOT SUCCEED. The closer we come to this point, the sooner the actual 'end times' will be upon us. Jesus Christ told us, that we are in the 'end times'. He spoke these words 2,000 years ago. We must be getting very close to the 'end'.

Muhammad is a FALSE prophet. How do I know this? I know this, because, I am a TRUE prophet. God had me experience Numbers 12:6, in order to show me, that I am anointed by Him.

The religion of ISLAM allows for JIHAD. When did God speak to those who commit such atrocities, and COMMAND these individuals to do so? One of God's commandments to the human race, is, "THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Some Muslims believe that God will reward them with 72 virgins. When did God EVER promise ANYONE that if they kill someone, that God will turn the most Holy place [heaven] into a common WHOREHOUSE?

The teachings of Muhammad and the ISLAM religion, are those of SATAN. If everyone on earth followed the teachings, NO ONE WOULD BE ALIVE ON THIS EARTH, today. Belief in Islam, is SELF-DESTRUCTIVE. It is a religion of MURDER, PLAYING GOD [judging others, but not judging yourselves], and DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY.