The world is filled with religions/beliefs. WHAT IS THE TRUTH? It is the responsibility of each individual to seek the truth, FROM GOD, in prayer. YOU must seek out the truth. You must knock at God's door, and ASK HIM. Your heart must be in the right 'frame of mind'. Assume, NOTHING. Let HIM tell you what the truth is. If you rely on the teachings/'understanding' of other human beings, you deserve what you get. If they are 'blind' to the truth, you also will become blind, and as it is written, you will both 'fall in the ditch'.

We ALL have only one carnal life. The road to heaven, is very 'narrow', and few there are, who will seek out and travel this road. Why would you allow ANYONE to take your opportunity for salvation, away?

I have found not one 'religion/church' on this earth, that is fully correct. Everyone contains errors. WHY? NO ONE HAS ASKED GOD FOR THE TRUTH. The teachers/ministers of God's Word have relied on their own, and/or other's VANITY. They are partly correct, and partly wrong.

I sought this wisdom from God, through approximately 10 years of prayer, everyday, sometimes many times in the same day. I thought I would never receive an answer. In 2003, God answered a very serious prayer that I had prayed to Him, IN HIS OWN VOICE. Soon after, I actually 're-lived' my carnal birth in a vision. Some time later, I had a second vision, followed by a dream, 'in riddles'. I spent the next nine years plus, in deep research on the internet, communicating with many ministers of ALL 'one god' faiths, visiting many churches, communicating/discussing/debating on many religious forums, vast amount of praying, and serious KJV Bible reading. The only Bible that God recognizes, is the KJV Bible. Unfortunately, the Christian ministry has not sought the proper wisdom from God in order to 'put the pieces together'. They are in darkness, and refuse THE TRUTH.

There is a 'FATHER' [who cannot be seen by any man, and no man has EVER heard His voice, at ANY time]. There is a HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT, who proceeds from THE FATHER. THE FATHER has begotten A SON, using His OWN sperm without a woman being involved [THE SON, is THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...ALLAH]. THE SON, also has a begotten Son [JESUS], who has been with God, since the beginning, and is on the right hand of His Father [THE SON]. The HOLY SPIRIT implanted JESUS in Mary, as an embryo/fetus. The physical characteristics of Mary had no effect on the physical appearance of JESUS, who remained in the 'express image' of His Father. The sins of Adam & Eve could not be allowed to pass through Mary, to JESUS. JESUS had to be born 'in the flesh', 'WITHOUT SIN. JESUS has since returned to His glory, and is again, standing on the right hand of God.

JESUS and GOD, are Caucasians, clean-shaven, with short well-groomed black hair. They are currently dressed in pure white robes. They are 'men in their early thirties'. They are in the express image of each other.

All of the above was revealed to me in my vision and dream in riddles. If you doubt me, and what I have written, THEN ASK GOD FOR THE TRUTH.