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Thread: How Many Oceans are There in the World?

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    Default How Many Oceans are There in the World?

    Oceans are the largest water bodies on our planet, which make up the major chunk of the marine biome. According to scientific data, they cover approximately 71 percent of the earth's surface area. If you happen to read old books, you may find that there are four oceans. Nevertheless, you will get a different information in the latest geography reports. So, exactly how many oceans are there in the world? Is it four or is there any new addition? More information on 'how many oceans in the world' is discussed in the following paragraphs.

    How many Oceans in the World?

    Previously, there were only four officially recognized oceans in the world. Later by the year 2000, a new ocean was named and declared by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). And this fifth ocean is called the Southern ocean. It extends from the southern part of the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean and Indian ocean. Discussed below is a brief explanation concerning how many oceans are there in the world and what are their names:

    Pacific Ocean
    Ever thought which is the deepest ocean in the world? Learn about Pacific ocean facts and you will come to know the basic information regarding this ocean. Marina trench, the deepest trench in the world, lies in this ocean. And the Challenger Deep of the Marina trench is the deepest part of the ocean. Not only it is the deepest of all, but it is also the largest ocean in the world, extending over a vast area of about 65.3 million square miles.

    Atlantic Ocean
    After the Pacific ocean, the next in the largest and deepest ocean list is the Atlantic ocean. Extending over an area of 41,100,000 square miles, it is estimated that 20 percent of the earth's surface area is occupied by the Atlantic ocean. The Puerto Rico trench in the Atlantic ocean is the deepest point, which measures to about 8,648 meters. It demarcates the boundary of America from Africa and Eurasia.

    Indian Ocean
    Recorded as the third largest ocean on the planet, the Indian ocean covers approximately 20 percent of the earth's water surface. Amongst the five oceans in oceanography, it is the only one named after a country. The Indian ocean is surrounded by India, Indochina, East Africa and Antarctic ocean. The deepest point of the Indian ocean is identified as the Java trench, with a depth of 7,125 meters.

    Southern Ocean
    Also known as the Antarctic ocean, it is newly added in the world's ocean list. As the name signifies, it surrounds the south portion of Antarctica continent. Dimension wise, it is the fourth largest ocean, which covers a greater area than the Arctic ocean. There is less information about the the deepest point of Southern ocean. However, it is claimed to be the South Sandwich trench, measuring a depth of approximately 7,235 meters.

    Arctic Ocean
    The smallest of the five oceans, the arctic ocean lies in the northern hemisphere. Depth wise also, Arctic ocean comes in the last, with its deepest point (Eurasia basin) recorded to be about 5,450 meters. In the boundary of Arctic ocean, lie North America and Eurasia. Situated in the polar region, part of the Arctic ocean remains covered by ice all the year round. Consequently, it is less salty as compared to other oceans.

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