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Thread: A common mistake which many Muslim women make in Ramadan

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    A common mistake which many Muslim women make in Ramadan is that they spend far too much time preparing a variety of dishes for Iftaar and for Sehar thus spending the majority of their time in the kitchen. This takes away from the time available for worshiping Allah. Iftaar is the most important time to make dua to Allah and shouldn't be used up frying samosas or pakoras or chips.

    My dear ALLAH when I loose hope, Help me to remember that, your love is greater than my disappointments & your plans For my life are better than my dreams..

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    sis this is very important point u raised Roza is not meant for just thinking about what we are going to have in sehr o iftaar but Roza is about to think what good deeds we are going to have during this blessed ibadat(Roza)

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    jazak Allah
    Both sis
    A suggestion that while preparing the dishes or food the women can do dikr also like saying Allaho, Subhan Allah, or Asthagfar etc. Because Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has never prevented you from taking good food but also do Shukr after taking all the niyamaths of Allah and be grateful to Him. Becos dikr is also ibadat always remebering Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'la

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