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Thread: Signs of a Sound Heart

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    Post Signs of a Sound Heart

    There are five things that constitute a sound heart (Qalb Saleem):

    1. الذي ينفق ماله في سبيل الله
    “A person is able to spend his wealth in the path of Allah (SWT).” i.e. having a giving nature
    2. الذي يرشد اهله الي الحق
    “A person is able to guide and instruct their family towards that which is the reality/the truth.”
    What is ‘truth’? امر بالمعروف و نهي عن المنكر “To promote virtue and prohibit vice.”
    3. الذي يكون قلبه خاليا عن غلبة الشهوات
    “A person, his heart be in such a state that it is free from his carnal and base desires dominating his life.” i.e. Being the slave/servant of Allah, not a slave/servant of the nafs.
    4. الذي يكون قلبه خاليا عن العقائد الباطلة
    “A person, his heart if free from corrupted, distorted beliefs.”
    5. الذي يكون قلبه خاليا عما سواك تبارك و تعالي
    “A person, his heart is free from everything else other than Allah (SWT).”

    Initial steps to take to attain a pure heart:

    To make Taubah (repentance). There are three general requirements when repenting:

    • To remove yourself from the sin that you are doing.
    • Feel regret – Nadamat
    • To make a resolution to never return to that sin.
    • If you have wronged another human then there is a fourth condition which is to clear things up with that person and ask for forgiveness.

    Symptoms of a sick heart:
    -Making false gods
    - Love of wealth – حب المال
    - Love for fame – حب الجاه
    - Love of fulfilling lustful desires – حب الباه
    -False love for things

    A few things to do in order to abstain from sin:
    1. To be in the company of the Ahlullah.
    2. Constantly remember Allah (SWT).
    3. To be in public the same way you are in private.
    4. To recite the Qur’an.

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    thank you, beautiful quotes

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