Once a perfume seller went to a lady for advertising his brands of perfume. The perfume seller was shabby and untidy. It seemed as though he has not taken a shower for quite a few days, his clothes were stinking and his hairs were unkempt.

But, quite contrary to his looks and clothes, his brands of perfume were surprisingly good. He went to the lady without taking an appointment but, the lady was courteous enough to respect this uninvited salesman.

The perfume seller explained to her, “Madam, my brand of perfumes are unique in this city, these all are extracts of natural herbs, with no synthetic additives, you will get free oil with this perfume and so on and so forth.

The lady gave a smile and said Respected sir, I agree that your brand is good but, why do not you help yourself by applying the same perfume on your clothes and body and perhaps you can use a little bit of your oil on your hairs and look neat and clean so that the next time when you find a costumer you do not have to speak so much about your brands!!

The Moral Of The Story

My Dear Brothers And Sisters,
The Moral Of This Story Is Not Far Behind Our Reality As Muslims!!
Islam Is Our Product
And We Muslims Are The Representatives Of This Product!
Imagine A Situation When A Businessman...
Does Not Believe In His Own Product!
What Merchandise Can He Produce?