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Thread: Some questions from a new convert.

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    Default Some questions from a new convert.

    Hello everyone!
    I just recently converted to Islam, so I don't really have alot of knowledge yet. I have been doing a little research myself, but I keep hitting a brick wall once people start quoting hadiths, because there's alot of accusations some are false and fabricated, and with my background I am at a total loss in what to believe.

    So I have a few questions, maybe someone with a bit of knowledge can clarify for me.

    Since I was a teenager I've had some strange dreams, about a lady visiting me, where she would talk to me and seduce me into sex. These dreams are very vivid and I remember almost all of them, and they feel very real. I've often found hair in my bed after these dreams, and I thought it was weird. The hair locks I find are definately not mine since I have short dark hair, and the locks are blonde and medium long to long. I haven't really heard any voices or felt any physical touching when I'm awake but I've seen 2 times a bag of chips in my room rotate clockwise around itself which I found pretty disturbing. I checked if there were any windows open or if it was an insect or perhaps a rat, but nope. I also sometimes get the feeling that someone is there.
    Also I have troubles when speaking to women I like, I often get this angry and jealous feeling and my face starts getting very hot, and I can't keep eye contact. I wouldn't describe myself as a shy person and I can easily talk to women I consider friends.

    I did a little bit of research myself about this and I came to a conclusion it's a jinn? I'm wondering if it's just my imagination or if it's really something?
    It's been quite a long time since I've had a visit from her, I think she got scared or something, cause my last dream involving her, we were walking and having a talk and I randomly looked down at my body. It looked transparent like glass and I saw some strange light in my belly, and I asked her if she could see it aswell. She could, and when she tried to touch it she got paralyzed or something.. She tried to remove her finger from it but it was like glued onto her finger, I had to seperate her from it. She looked like she had a spasm or something lol, I hope it makes sense. Also why did she come to me and have intercourse, i mean what do they gain from that?

    I hope someone can help, and thanks for reading
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