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Thread: Muslim Male Names with meaning

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    Default Muslim Male Names with meaning

    Muslim Male Names with meaning

    Aadil - means Just, Upright.
    Aalim - means Religious Scholar.
    Aamil - means Doer, Work man.
    Aamir - means Civilised.
    Aaqib - means Follower.
    Aaqil - means Intelligent.
    Aarif - means Knowing, aware.
    Aariz - means Respectable man.
    Aasif - means An able minister.
    Aasim - means Person who keeps away from sins.
    Aatif - means Kind Affectionate.
    Aazim - means Determined.
    Abbas - means Gloomy look.
    Abdul Baqi - means Slave of the Eternal.
    Abdul Hafeez - means Slave of the Protector.
    Abdul Hafiz - means Slave of the Guardian.
    Abdullah - means Servant of Allah.
    Abdur Rashid - means Slave of the Guide.
    Abid - means Worshipper.
    Abrad - means Hail, Mail.
    Abrar - means Peity.
    Adeel - means Just.
    Adeem - means Rare.
    Adel - means Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
    Adil - means Just, Honest.
    Afaaq - means The place where Earth & Sky meet.
    Affan - means Forgiving person.
    Afif - means Chaste, Modest.
    Afraz - means Standing tall like a mountain,ability to withstand all that is thrushed upon it.
    Ahad - means The one.
    Ahmad - means Most highly adored.
    Ahmar - means Red Coloured.
    Ahzab - means Name of one of the narrators of Hadith.
    Aijaz - means Blessing.
    Aiman - means Fearless.
    Akhdan - means Best Friend.
    Akhtar - means A Star, good man.
    Akif - means Attached, Intent.
    Akram - means More Generous.
    Ali - means Noble, sublime.
    Alman - means Kind, willing and wiseman.
    Almir - means Prince.
    Amaan - means The most lovelable.
    Amaar - means One who prays 5 times and fasts.
    Amam - means Safety, Protection.
    Ameer - means Commander, Prince, Khalifah.
    Amin - means Faithful, trustworthy, custodian.
    Amir - means Prosperous.
    Amjad - means More glorious, more illustrious.
    Anas - means Love, affection.
    Anees - means Intimate, friendly.
    Aniq - means Elegant.
    Anis - means Close friend, companion.
    Anwaar - means Light, glow, gleam.
    Anwar - means More radiant.
    Aqeel - means Wise, Intelligent There have been several prominent men with this name; Abu Aqeel was a transcriber of the Quran; ibn abu Talib was one of Abu Talibs Family; Ibn Bilal was a granson of the poet Jarir.
    Arbaaz - means Eagle.
    Areeb - means Skillful, Adroit.
    Arham - means Merciful.
    Arif - means Acquainted, knowledgeable.
    Armaan - means Desire, hope.
    Arsal - means The one who was sent.
    Arsalaan - means Lion.
    Arshad - means Better guided, honest.
    Arshaq - means Handsome, well proportioned.
    Asar - means Fourth Prayer of the day.
    Asghar - means Shorter, Smaller, Junior.
    Ashfaq - means Compassionate friend.
    Ashmath - means Correct path, Straight path.
    Ashraf - means Honorable.
    Aslam - means Peace.
    Ateeb - means Very pious.
    Athar - means Neat, Clean.
    Athazaz - means Unknown, Mystery, Maze.
    Atif - means United, Joined, Together.
    Ayaan - means God's gift.
    Aybak - means Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian.
    Aymaan - means Lucky.
    Ayman - means Right Hand.
    Ayyash - means Bread seller.
    Ayyub - means Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship.
    There have been other noted men by this name, for instance Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-Sakhtiyani was a learned ascetic; both had this name.
    Azaan - means Call for the prayer.
    Azad - means Freedom.
    Azeem - means Great, greater.
    Azfer - means Leader.
    Azhar - means Famous.
    Azim - means Greatest.
    Azraq - means Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet.
    Azraqi - means He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
    Azzam - means Determined, resolved.
    Baber - means Courageous, Lion.
    Barraq - means Shining.
    Basem - means Smiling.
    Basil - means Brave.
    Add Basim - means Smiling, Happy.
    Batal - means Champion.
    Bazam - means It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih.
    Bilal - means Name of the Prophet's Muezzin.
    Burayd - means Cold, Mind.
    Da'wud - means A Prophet's Name.
    Daanish - means Wisdom, Learning, Science.
    Damurah - means Sparkle of light, fire.
    Daniyal - means Intelligent.
    Darim - means Name of a narrator of hadith.
    Dawid - means Prince.
    Dawlah - means Riches, happiness.
    Dayyan - means A mighty Ruler.
    Deen - means Religion.
    Dilawar - means Brave, Courageous.
    Dildar - means Charming, beloved.
    Dinar - means Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
    Diyari - means A gift, or a present.
    Dizhwar - means Mean, strong.
    Duha - means Fore noon.
    Ehan - means Full moon.
    Ehsan - means Powerful.
    Emran - means Progress, Achievement.
    Eshan - means In God Grace, Worthy.
    Eijaz - means Blessings.
    Faaz - means Victorius, successful.
    Fadi - means Redeemer.
    Fadil - means Honourable, outstanding.
    Fahad - means Lynx, wild cat.
    Faheem - means Intelligent.
    Fahyim - means Very Clever.
    Faiq - means Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding.
    Faisal - means Strong, handsome.
    Faiz - means Grace, favour.
    Faizaan - means Grace, Favour.
    Faizan - means Ruler.
    Faqeeh - means Jurist, Scholar of religious laws.
    Faraj - means There have been men with this name.
    Farasat - means Perception, sagacity.
    Faraz - means Ascent, height.
    Farhan - means Glad, happy, joyful.
    Faris - means Horseman, rider, knight.
    Farhat - means Happiness.
    Farooq - means Comely, One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
    Farrukh - means Happy, Auspicious.
    Faruq - means One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
    Farwah - means Name of a few of the companions.
    Fasahat - means Eloquence.
    Faseeh - means Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN).
    Fateenah - means Intelligent.
    Fatik - means Deadly, Lethal.
    Fattah - means One who attains victory.
    Fawad - means Heart .
    Fawwaz - means Successful.
    Fawz - means Success, Salvation.
    Fawzan - means Successful, Salvation.
    Fawzi - means Successful.
    Fayd - means Abundance.
    Faysal - means Decisive.
    Fayzan - means Beneficence.
    Fazal - means Grace.
    Feroz - means Shinning.
    Fida - means Sacrifice.
    Fiddah - means Silver.
    Firas - means Perspicacious.
    Firoz - means Gift.
    Fuad - means Heart.
    Fudail - means Excellent in character.
    Fujai - means Name of Prophets () companion.
    Furozh - means Light.
    Ghadir - means She was a slave of Musa al-Hadi & Haroon Rashid.
    Ghauth - means Helper, Defender.
    Ghawth - means Help, succour.
    Ghayoor - means Self-respecting.
    Ghazalan - means Spinner.
    Ghazawan - means Warrior, companion of Prophet ().
    Ghazi - means Conqueror, warrior.
    Ghazzal - means Name of a reciter of Quran.
    Ghufran - means Forgiving, to conceal.
    Ghulam - means Slave, Servant.
    Ghunayn - means One who collects booty.
    Ghusun - means Branches of tree.
    Ghutayf - means Affluent.
    Gohar - means Diamond, precious stone.
    Gulab - means Rose.
    Gulfam - means Rose faced.
    Gulshan - means A flower Garden.
    Gulzar - means A Garden, an inhabited town.
    Hafiz - means Protector, guardian.
    Hafs - means Lion, Young of Lion.
    Haider - means Lion.
    Haji - means Pilgrim.
    Hajib - means Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering.
    Hajjaj - means Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate.
    Hakim - means Brother.
    Haleem - means Patient.
    Hallaj - means Cotton ginner.
    Halwani - means Confectioner.
    Hamd - means Praise, lauding.
    Hamdan - means The one who lauds, extols.
    Hamid - means Praising, Allah, commendable.
    Hammad - means Praising (Allah).
    Hammam - means A great man, a chief, a hero.
    Hamood - means One who praises Allah.
    Hamzah - means Lion.
    Hanash - means A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name.
    Haneef - means Upright, true.
    Hani - means Delighted, content.
    Hanif - means True believer.
    Haris - means Vigilant guardian.
    Haroon - means A Prophet's name.
    Hasan - means Handsome, good.
    Hashid - means One who rallies people, crowded, gathered.
    Hashim - means Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet).
    Hashmat - means Dignity, Glory.
    Hasib - means The reckoner.
    Hassan - means Really beautiful or one who beautifies.
    Hawshab - means A son of Iama Muslim had this name.
    Hayaat - means Life.
    Hayder - means "lion" in Arabic.
    This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima - daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    Haytham - means Young hawk.
    Hazim - means Discreet, prudent.
    Hesam - means A sharp sword.
    Hibah - means Grant, donation.
    Hidayat - means Instruction.
    Himayat - means Protection, Support.
    Hujayyah - means The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called.
    Hujjat - means Argument, reasoning, proof.
    Humair - means Red.
    Humam - means Courageous, generous.
    Humayl - means A companion of the Prophet ().
    Humayun - means Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial.
    Humza - means The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets Hurmat - means Chastity, sacred.
    Hussain - means Handsome, beautiful.
    Huzaifah - means Curtailed, shortened.
    Huzayfah - means Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short.
    Huzayl - means Bin Shurah bil had this name.
    Ibrahim - means A Prophet's name.
    Ihab - means Leather.
    Ihsan - means Beneficence.
    Ihtiram - means Honour, hold in honour.
    Ijli - means This was the name of the makes of astrolabes.
    Ilan - means Good person.
    Ilifat - means Friendship, kindness, obligation.
    Ilyas - means A Prophet's name.
    Imaad - means Pillar of strength, confident.
    Imad - means Support, pillar, confidence.
    Imran - means A Prophet's name.
    Inayat - means Bounty, Kindness, favour.
    Intaj - means King, magnificent.
    Intikhab - means Selection, choice.
    Iqbal - means Responsiveness.
    Iqraam - means To be of assistance, respect.
    Iqrit - means A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told.
    Iqtidar - means Power, Office, Authority.
    Irfan - means Gratefulness.
    Isa - means A Prophet's name.
    (Jesus (A.S)).
    Isam - means Protector.
    Ishaq - means A Prophet's name.
    Ishrat - means Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
    Ishtiyaq - means Longing, craving.
    Iskandar - means SEE SIKANDAR.
    Islam - means Submission to Allah.
    Ismail - means A prophets name.
    Israail - means The chosen one.
    Istakhri - means A shafaee jurist.
    Ithaar - means Selflessness.
    Itimad - means Trust, faith.
    Iyaad - means Generous.
    Iyaas - means Compensation.
    Izaan - means Obedience.
    Izz - means Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing.
    Jaan - means Life, Soul.
    Jabir - means Consoler, Comforter, restorer.
    Jafar - means Rivulet, stream.
    Jahangir - means A moghul emperor had this name.
    Jahdari - means An authority of Quran had this name.
    Jahiz - means Ogle-eyed.
    Jalal - means Glory, grandeur.
    Jalees - means Companion, friend, person with whom one sits.
    Jamal - means Beauty.
    Jamil - means Beautiful, lovely.
    Jaraah - means Surgeon; name of tabaree.
    Jarood - means Name of a companion of the Prophet ().
    Jasim - means Powerful, strong.
    Javier - means Month of January.
    Jawad - means Liberal, generous.
    Jawdan - means Goodness.
    Jawhar - means Jewel, gem.
    Jazib - means Beautiful, Handsome.
    Jeelan - means It is a city in Iran.
    Jibran - means Reward.
    Jibril - means Archangel of Allah (Gabriel).
    Jihad - means Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war.
    Jiyad - means Very good.
    Juayl - means Quarrdsome.
    Jubair - means Counsels or brings together.
    Juma' - means Friday.
    Jumanah - means Pearl; name of a companion.
    Jummal - means Unit of army.
    Junaid - means Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army.
    Junayd - means Fighter, warrior.
    Juthamah - means Nightmare (name of companion).
    Kaamil - means Perfect, accomplished.
    Kaashif - means Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer.
    Kafeel - means Responsible, Surety, Sponsor.
    Kajji - means An authority of hadith at Baghdad.
    Kalbi - means An authority on genealogy and the Quran.
    Kaleem - means Speaker, talker.
    Kamal - means Perfection, completeness.
    Kamil - means Perfect, complete.
    Kamran - means Safety and helpful.
    Kasam - means The king.
    Kashif - means Uncoverer.
    Kasim - means Lovely.
    Kawkab - means Star.
    Kawthar - means Much, Abundant, Copious.
    (Name of a river in paradise).
    Kaysan - means Wise.
    Kazi - means Judge.
    Kazim - means Restrainer of anger.
    Keyaan - means Crown, King.
    Khadim - means Servant, attendant.
    Khafid - means Easy, comfortable, smooth.
    Khalaf - means Successor, Descendants.
    Khalam - means Servent to Allah.
    Khaldun - means Implies eternity.
    Khaleed - means Abiding.
    Khaleel - means Friend.
    Khaleeq - means Suitable (for), Worthm Deserving, Polite, Affable, Well-disposed.
    Khalid - means Eternal, glorious.
    Khalil - means Good friend.
    Khallad - means Old, Aged.
    (also name of Prophets () companion.
    Khateeb - means Orator, Preacher.
    Khayaam - means Iranian Poet, Tent.
    Khayr - means Goodness, health, Safe Khayyat - means Tailor.
    Khazin - means Treasurer.
    Khidash - means Name of Prophet ()'s companion.
    Khidr - means Green.
    Khirash - means Scratching, Scraping, (name of a companion).
    Khubayb - means A fast walker, (name of companion).
    Khurram - means Cheerful, Happy.
    Khursheed - means The sun.
    Khush Bakht - means Fortunate, of good fortune.
    Khushtar - means Sarrounded by happiness.
    Kifayat - means Enough, sufficient.
    Kinza - means Hidden Treasure.
    Kurayb - means Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.
    Labeeb - means Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent.
    Labib - means Sensible, intelligent.
    Laqeet - means Well known companion of the Prophet ().
    Latif - means Fine, gentle, refined.
    Layth - means A famous jurist had this name.
    Liban - means Succesfull, charmed.
    Limazah - means He was a narrator of hadith.
    Liyaqat - means Worth, deserving, merit.
    Luqman - means A Prophet's name.
    Lutf - means Bounty, enjoyment.
    Lutfi - means Kind and friendly, gentle.
    Maaz - means Brave Man.
    Mabad - means A place of worship.
    Madani - means Civilised.
    Mahad - means Great, nice.
    Mahaz - means The place of war.
    Mahbeer - means Brave.
    Mahd - means The guided one.
    Maheen - means Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon.
    Maher - means Skilled.
    Mahfuz - means Preserved, safe.
    Mahja - means Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings.
    Mahmud - means The praised one, commendable.
    Majid - means Glory, nobility.
    Majdi - means Glorious, praiseworthy.
    Malih - means A reciter of Quran was so called.
    Malik - means Master.
    Mamoon - means Secure, fearless.
    Mansoor - means Victorious.
    Mansur - means Divinely aided, victorious.
    Manzar - means View, Sight.
    Manzoor - means Approve(d), Accept(ed).
    Maqil - means Intelligent.
    Maruf - means Known, accepted.
    Marwan - means Solid.
    Marzuq - means Blessed, fortunate.
    Masarrat - means Happiness, delight, joy.
    Mash'al - means Torch.
    Mashhud - means Clear, Manifest, Witnessed.
    Mashkoor - means One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable.
    Masood - means Blissful, fortunate, auspicious.
    Masoud - means Lucky.
    Masroor - means Happy person, joyfull.
    Masud - means Fortunate, happy, lucky.
    Masum - means Innocent, infallible.
    Mateen - means Solid, constant, tough, substantive.
    Matloob - means Objective, goal.
    Mawsil - means Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq.
    Maymun - means Fortunate, blessed.
    Mazin - means Cloud that carries rain.
    Mehtab - means The Moon.
    Mekka - means Name of Holy city.
    Miftah - means Key.
    Mika - means Cool, sweet, intelligent.
    Mikaeel - means Name of Allah's Angel.
    Mikayeel - means One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
    Mimar - means Mason, architect.
    Minhaj - means Road, Path.
    Miraj - means Ascension (to heaven).
    Mirsab - means The sword of the Prophet ().
    Miskeen - means Poor.
    Mistah - means Instrument to level something.
    Mo'tasim - means Handsome.
    Moazzam - means Respectable.
    Moemen - means Believer and faithful to Allah.
    Mohammed - means Name of final prophet (PBUH).
    Mohid - means The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty.
    Mohsin - means Helper, attractive.
    Motaz - means Proud Mourad - means Desire.
    Mu'awwiz - means Companion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
    Muammar - means Senior.
    Muballigh - means Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
    Mubarak - means Blessed, fortunate, auspicious.
    Mubaraq - means Blessing.
    Mubashir - means Spreader of good news.
    Mubassir - means Observer.
    Mudabbir - means One who plans.
    Mueen - means One who helps.
    Mufaddal - means One who is preferred.
    Mufakkir - means Thinker, one who meditates.
    Mufallah - means One who prospers.
    Mufeed - means [from the verb fada to overflow].
    Mufid - means Useful.
    Muhafiz - means One who protects.
    Muhajir - means Immigrant.
    Muhammad - means Praiseworthy - name of the LAST Prophet (A.S).
    Muhannad - meansSword.
    Muhdee - means One who presents.
    Muheet - means That which embraces all round.
    Muhib - means One who loves, friend.
    Muhriz - means Obtainer, winner, earner.
    Muhtashim - means One has many followers.
    Mujahid - means A warrior.
    Mujtaba - means The chosen one.
    Mukarram - means Respected, honoured.
    Mukhtar - means Selected, authorised.
    Mumtaz - means One who is distinguished.
    Munaf - means Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
    Munawwar - means Enlightened, lighted.
    Muneeb - means One who turns in repentance.
    Muneer - means Shining.
    Munir - means Moon's Light, Lamp.
    Munis - means Name of a previous chief army guard.
    Munkadir - means Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith.
    Munqad - means One who is led, conducted, obedient.
    Muntasir - means One of the Abbasid Khalifah was known as such.
    Muntazir - means The awaitting.
    Muqaddas - means Sacred.
    Muqatadir - means Name of an Abbasid Khalifah.
    Muqbil - means Following, next.
    Mursal - means Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador.
    Musharraf - means One who is honoured, exalted.
    Musheer - means Advisor.
    Mushfiq - means Friend, considerate.
    Mushir - means "The one of highest rank" was used mostly in military in the past, now used to describe many things in arabic.
    Mushtaq - means Ardent, Longing.
    Mustaeen - means The chosen one.
    Mustafa - means The choosen one, also one of the Prophets names.
    Mustafeed - means Profiting, gainful.
    Mustahsan - means Commendable.
    Mustajab - means One who is heard.
    Mustaneer - means Brilliant.
    Mustaqeem - means Straight.
    Mustatab - means Good, Delectable.
    Mutahhir - means What Purifies.
    Mutawassit - means Moderate, average.
    Mutayyib - means Fragrant.
    Muttaqi - means Righteous, one who fears Allah.
    Muzaffar - means Victorious.
    Muzakkir - means Reminder.
    Muzhir - means Witnessed, name of companion.
    Muzzammil - means Wrapped.
    Nabeel - means Noble Man.
    Nabhan - means Alert.
    Nabigh - means Genius.
    Nabil - means Noble, generous.
    Nadeem - means Companion, Friend.
    Nadhir - means Warner.
    Nadim - means Friend, companion.
    Nadir - means Dear, rare, precious.
    Naeem - means Blessing, Ease.
    Nafasat - means Refinement.
    Nafis - means Precious.
    Naib - means Deputy, Second in Command.
    Naim - means Comfort, tranquillity.
    Najair - means Little Star.
    Najam - means Star.
    Najeeb - means Of noble birth.
    Najeed - means Highland.
    Naji - means Safe.
    Najib - means Intelligent.
    Najid - means One who helps, supports.
    Najm - means Star, celestial body.
    Naqeeb - means Leader.
    Naqid - means Fault-finder.
    Naseef - means The just one.
    Naseem - means Breeze.
    Naseer - means One who helps.
    Nashat - means Joy, Cheer.
    Nashit - means Energetic, active.
    Nasif - means Most just, equitable.
    Nasir - means Protector, supporter.
    Nasr - means Help, victory.
    Natiq - means Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational.
    Naushad - means Happy.
    Naveed - means Glad tidings.
    Nawaz - means Prince, kind, loving and generous.
    Nawfal - means Generous, old Arabic word for the Sea.
    Nazakat - means Delicacy.
    Nazar - means The one who gives.
    Nazeef - means Clean, neat.
    Nazeer - means One who warns.
    Nazih - means Pure, chaste.
    Nazir - means Observer, supervisor.
    Nidal - means Fight, defence.
    Nihal - means Happy, Prosperous.
    Nithar - means Sacrifice.
    Niyaz - means Dedication, Offering.
    Nizam - means Administration.
    Nizzar - means Keen-eyed.
    Noman - means Men with all blessings of Allah.
    Nooh - means Name of Prophet.
    Noor - means Attribute of Allah.
    Noorali - means Light of Ali.
    Nu'man - means Blood.
    Nuaym - means One of narrators of Hadith.
    Nubaid - means Bringing Happiness.
    Nuh - means A Prophet's name.
    Numair - means Baby Tiger.
    Nur - means Light.
    Nur-ul-Qiblatayn - means Light of the two Qibla.
    Nuri - means Shining, brightness.
    Nusayb - means Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
    Nusayr - means Narrator of Hadith had this name.
    Omar - means Long-Lived.
    Owais - means A companion of the Prophet ().
    Parvez - means Success.
    Name of a Persian King.
    Pervaiz - means Breeze.
    Qabeel - means Son of Sayyidina Aadam.
    Qadeer - means Powerful, very kind hearted and honest.
    Qadi - means Judge.
    Qadim - means Ancient.
    Qaim - means Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded.
    Qais - means Lover.
    Qamar - means Moon.
    Qani - means Content, Satisfied.
    Qanit - means Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing.
    Qareeb - means Near.
    Qaseem - means Share, Portion.
    Qasid - means Messenger.
    Qasif - means Discover.
    Qasim - means Divider, distributor.
    Qatadah - means A hardwood tree.
    Qays - means Firm.
    Quadir - means Strong.
    Qudamah - means Companion of Prophet ().
    Qurban - means Offering, Sacrifice.
    Qusay - means Distant.
    Qutaybah - means A narrator of hadith.
    Qutb - means Celebrity, personality.
    Raahil - means Path guider.
    Raashid - means Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent.
    Rabah - means Gainer.
    Rabar - means A loving and caring person to all.
    Rabit - means Binding, Fastening.
    Raees - means Rich, Wealthy, Chief.
    Rafan - means Beautiful, graceful.
    Rafee - means High, High-ranking, cultured, refined.
    Rafi - means High, High-ranking, cultured, refined.
    In the Quran, the Prophet(p.b.u.h) has been called Rafi-uddarajat.
    Rafiq - means Kind, friend.
    Raghib - means Desiring, willing.
    Rahat - means Rest, Response.
    Raheesh - means Leader, Chief, Rich.
    Rahil - means Path guider.
    Rahmat - means Mercy.
    Raihan - means Heavens' Flower.
    Rajaa - means Hope.
    Rajab - means 7th Month of the Islamic Calendar.
    Rakhshan - means Dazzling.
    Ramadan - means 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar.
    Rameez - means Symbol.
    Ramiz - means Symbol.
    Raonar - means Lustre.
    Raquib - means Most watchful.
    Raseem - means One who designs.
    Rashad - means Integrity of conduct, maturity.
    Rashdan - means Guidance, rectitude.
    Rasheed - means Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided.
    Rashid - means Righteous, mature.
    Rawahah - means Departure, Fragrance, ease.
    Rawdah - means Garden Meadow, Paradise.
    Rawh - means Refreshment, Rest.
    Rayhan - means Basil, Sweet basil, Fragrance.
    Rayn - means It is the name of a gate of the heaven.
    Rayyan - means Full, pretty.
    Razeen - means Sedate, Slemn, Grave, Sober-Minded.
    Riaz - means Garden, devotion.
    Ridha - means Contentment.
    Ridwan - means Keeper of the gates of heaven.
    Rifa'ah - means Dignity.
    Riyad - means Gardens.
    Riyasat - means Rule, Dominion.
    Rizwan - means Peon of Paradise.
    Roshan - means Bright, Shining.
    Rowel - means Flower.
    Rushd - means On the right path.
    Ruwayfi - means Exalted.
    Sa'dan - means Happy, fortunate.
    Sa'im - means Fasting.
    Sa'ir - means Walking, going on foot.
    Sa'irah - means Walking.
    Sa'ood - means Fortunate, Happy.
    Saad - means A companion of the Prophet ().
    Saadat - means Blessing, Honour.
    Saafir - means Ambassador, handsome.
    Saaqib - means Star.
    Sabahat - means Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness.
    Add Sabeeh - means A narrator of Hadith.
    Sabir - means Patient.
    Sadaqat - means Truth.
    Sadeed - means Relevant, Pertinent.
    Sadeem - means Haze, Mist.
    Sadiq - means Truthful.
    Sadit - means Hard working and strong.
    Saeed - means Blissful, auspicious.
    Safeer - means Emissary.
    Saful Islam - means Sword of Islam.
    Safwan - means Rock.
    Sagheer - means Small, short.
    Sahab - means Cloud.
    Sahar - means Time before day break, bewitch.
    Sahib - means Companion, friend.
    Sahil - means Guide.
    Sahir - means Wakeful.
    Sahmir - means Entertaining companion.
    Saib - means Foresaken, abandoned.
    Saif - means Sword.
    Saji - means A scholar had this name.
    Sajid - means Prostrating.
    Sajjad - means One who does much prostrations.
    Sakhawat - means Generosity, liberality, open-handness.
    Salaahddinn - means The righteousness of the faith.
    Salah - means Righteousness of the faith, goodness.
    Salamat - means Safety.
    Salar - means Leader.
    Saleem - means Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere.
    Salif - means Previous, Former.
    Salih - means Safe, whole, flawless.
    Salik - means Passable, unobstructed.
    Salim - means Secure, free.
    Salman - means Safe.
    Salsaal - means Pure Water.
    Sameer - means Entertainer.
    Sameh - means Forgiver.
    Sami - means High, lofty, exalted.
    Samir - means Entertaining companion.
    Samit - means Quiet.
    Sanawbar - means A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine.
    Saqer - means Falcon.
    Saqib - means Shining Star.
    Sarab - means Mirage.
    Sarfaraz - means King.
    Sarfraz - means Person sitting at a high place.
    Sariyah - means Travels by night.
    Sarmad - means Eternity.
    Sarwar - means Chief, leader, Joy, Delight.
    Saud - means Felicities, good fortune.
    Sawad - means Blackness, Skill.
    Sawlat - means Influence, commanding, personality, awe.
    Sawwaf - means Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer.
    Sayf - means Sword.
    Sayfiyy - means Concerning sword.
    Sayhan - means Flowing.
    Sayid - means Lord, Master.
    Sayyar - means Mobile, Constantly on the move.
    Shabab - means Youth Shabbeer - means Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A).
    Shabeeh - means Resembling.
    Shabib - means A scholar who wrote about Quran.
    Shad - means Happy.
    Shadan - means Happy.
    Shadeed - means Lover.
    Shafaat - means Recommendation.
    Shafee - means Intercessor.
    Shafiq - means Compassionate, tender.
    Shafqat - means Affection.
    Shah - means King.
    Shahadat - means Witness, Evidence.
    Shahbaz - means Falcon.
    Shaheer - means Well-Known.
    Shahid - means Witness.
    Shahin - means Falcon.
    Shahrukh - means Concerning, monarchy.
    Shahzaib - means Crown of a king, like a king.
    Shahzor - means Extreme Power.
    Shairyaar - means Friendship.
    Shakeel - means Handsome, Comely.
    Shakir - means Thankful.
    Shallal - means Waterfalls.
    Shamel - means Comprehensive, complete.
    Shams-Ul-Haq - means Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars.
    Shamshad - means Box-tree.
    Shamsheer - means The sword of honors.
    Shamsideen - means Sun of religion.
    Shan - means Dignity, Splendour.
    Shaqeeq - means Real brother.
    Sharaf - means Honour.
    Sharafat - means Nobility.
    Sharaheel - means A narrator of Hadith.
    Shareef - means The good.
    Shareek - means Associate.
    Sharif - means Honest, noble, distinguished.
    Shariq - means Radiant, Bright.
    Sharique - means Sunrise.
    Shaukat - means Grandeur.
    Shawaiz - means Speak melodious.
    Shayaan - means Intelligent.
    Shaybah - means Grey-haired, aged.
    Shazad - means Prince.
    Shazeb - means Decorated king.
    Shehroze - means King of Roses.
    Shehryaar - means Sovereign.
    Sheraz - means Loving, Caring, Daring.
    Shihab - means Flame, blaze.
    Shiraz - means Sweet.
    Shoaib - means A Prophet's name.
    Shuayb - means A Prophets name.
    Shuja - means Brave, bold, Valour.
    Shuneal - means Traveller.
    Shurahbeel - means A narrator of Hadith.
    Shurayh - means A narrator of Hadith.
    Shuraym - means Split, Cleavage.
    Sikandar - means Name of a famous Sovereign.
    Simak - means Arcturus (Star).
    Sinan - means Spear head.
    Siraj - means Lamp, light.
    Sofian - means Sand storm.
    Sohaib - means Reddish or Sandy (Hair).
    Sohail - means Gentle, ease; name of star.
    Subhan - means Holy.
    Suhayb - means A companions name.
    Suhayl - means Canopus (Star).
    Suheb - means Love.
    Sulaiman - means A Prophets Name.
    Sulayk - means Traveller, Walker.
    Sulayman - means Name of a Prophet.
    Sultaan - means Authority.
    Sultan - means Power, authority.
    Surayj - means Name of an authority of Hadith.
    Surur - means Joy, happiness.
    Suwaybit - means Roof over path, alley between houses.
    Suwayd - means Black.
    Syed - means Always in control.
    Taban - means Resplendent, Glittering.
    Tabish - means Heat, Brilliancy.
    Taha - means Name of a Surah in the Quran.
    Tahawwur - means Rashness.
    Tahir - means Pure, clean, chaste.
    Tahoor - means Purity.
    Tahseen - means Acclaim, appreciation.
    Taimur - means Iron.
    Taj - means Crown.
    Tajammul - means Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp.
    Tajudinn - means Crown of religion.
    Talal - means Nice admirable.
    Talat - means Countenance.
    Talha - means A name of Tree.
    Talhah - means Kind of tree.
    Tali - means Rising, Ascending, Going up.
    Talib - means Sender (of truth), student.
    Tamanna - means Wish, Desire.
    Tamir - means Tall.
    Tamkeen - means Dignity, Gravity.
    Tammam - means Generous.
    Tanim - means Wave of the Sea, Rythem.
    Tanveer - means Rays of light.
    Tanwir - means Enlightening.
    Taqiyy - means Pious, Righteous.
    Tarannum - means Singing.
    Tariq - means A late visitor.
    Tasadduq - means Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice.
    Tasawwar - means Idea, conception.
    Taseen - means A name of the Prophet ().
    Tawfeeq - means Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation.
    Tawoos - means Peacock.
    Tawseef - means Praise.
    Taymur - means Brave strong.
    Taysir - means Facilitation.
    Tazeem - means Honor, Respect.
    Tha'labah - means A narrator of hadith.
    Thaman - means Price, Worth.
    Thamar - means Fruit, Outcome.
    Thaqaf - means To surpass in skill.
    Thaqib - means Piercing.
    Tharwat - means Wealth, Fortune, riches.
    Thayer - means Rebel.
    Thumamah - means Millet (Plant).
    Tihami - means A title of the Prophet ().
    Tobias - means Born with a Star.
    Tooba - means Good news.
    Tufayl - means Baby.
    Tulayb - means Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets.
    Turhan - means Of mercy.
    Ubadah - means Worship.
    Ubayd - means Worshipper.
    Ubaydullah - means Servant of Allah.
    Umar - means Name of the second Caliph.
    Umarah - means Habitation.
    Umayr - means Old Arabic name.
    Umran - means Prosperity.
    Unays - means Smaller form of Anas.
    Uqbah - means End of everything.
    Urfee - means Name of popular Poet.
    Usamah - means Description of a lion.
    Usayd - means Little lion.
    Usman - means Name of the third Caliph.
    Uthman - means Name of the third Caliph.
    Uwayam - means A float, buoyant.
    Uzair - means Name of a Prophet.
    Uzayr - means Precious.
    Viqaas - means Fighter.
    Waa'il - means One Who Returns For Shelter.
    Wadi - means Calm, peaceful.
    Wafa - means Faithfulness, fidelity.
    Wafi - means Faithful, loyal.
    Wafiq - means Successful.
    Wahb - means Giving.
    Wahban - means (related to Wahb).
    Waheed - means Unique, One of its kind.
    Wahhaj - means Glowing, incandescent.
    Wahib - means Liberal donor.
    Wahid - means Singular, exclusive, unequalled.
    Wail - means Returner.
    Waiz - means Preacher, Sermoniser.
    Wajahat - means Commanding, Personality, Dignity.
    Wajeeh - means Commanding Personality.
    Wajid - means One who finds.
    Wajih - means Noble, eminent.
    Wakalat - means Advocacy, Agency.
    Wakeel - means Agent, Representative.
    Waleed - means Newborn Child.
    Wali - means Guardian.
    Waqaar - means Self-respect.
    Waqar - means Respect, dignity.
    Waqas - means Warrior.
    Wasay - means Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
    Waseem - means Handsome.
    Wasif - means Man of Qualities.
    Wasil - means Inseparable friend.
    Wasim - means Good looking.
    Watheq - means Firm, reliable, confident.
    Wazir - means Minister.
    Wildan - means Boy in heaven.
    Yafi - means A narrator of hadith.
    Yaghnam - means A narrator of hadith.
    Yahya - means A Prophet's Name.
    Yaman - means Blessed.
    Yameen - means Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army).
    Yaqeen - means Belief.
    Yaqoot - means Precious stone.
    Yaqub - means A Prophet's Name.
    Yar - means Friend.
    Yaseen - means YASIN, ALIF LAAM MEEM, HA MEEM AIN SEEN KAAF are all Huroof-e-Muqataat.
    Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroof are the most precious words for a muslim.
    Yasir - means Wealthy.
    Yathrib - means Former name of the city of Madinnah.
    Yawar - means Helping.
    Yuhannis - means The name of a freed salve of Zubair.
    Yunus - means A Prophet's Name.
    Yusr - means Ease, Convenience.
    Yusuf - means A Prophet's Name.
    Zaeem - means The leader.
    Zafar - means Victorious.
    Zafir - means Victorious.
    Zaheer - means Bright and shining.
    Zahir - means Bright, shining.
    Zaigham - means Lion.
    Zaim - means Leader or General, someone who is demanded.
    Zain - means Friend, beloved.
    Zakar - means Handsome, Kind hearted.
    Zaki - means Intelligent, pure, chaste.
    Zakir - means Someone who believes in Allah, faith.
    Zaman - means Time, destiny.
    Zameer - means Conscience.
    Zamil - means Friend, collegue.
    Zaroon - means Visitor.
    Zarrar - means A great muslim warrior.
    Zayd - means In abundance, plentiful.
    Zebadiyah - means Allah's gift.
    Zeeshan - means A high standard.
    Zia - means Wise.
    Ziaud - means Splendor, light.
    Ziyad - means Abundance.
    Zohair - means Best friend of the last prophet ().
    Zubair - means Proper Name.
    Zubayr - means It's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam.
    Zufar - means Name of Imam Abu Hanifah's disciple.
    Zuhayr - means Bright.
    Zuhoor - means Appearance, Manifestation.
    Zulaym - means A narrator of Hadith.
    Zulfaqar - means Sword that the Prophet () gave to Sayyidina Ali.
    Zunnoon - means Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
    Zuti - means Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.

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    jazaqallah very nice
    but where is my name meanings (hafeez)

    Our Lord! grant us good in this world

    and good in the hereafter,
    and save us from the chastisement of the fire

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    mashaAllah - thanks for sharing

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    u are welcome sis
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    Quote Originally Posted by AHB View Post
    jazaqallah very nice
    but where is my name meanings (hafeez)
    may be missing
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    where is the my name?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _knownothing_ View Post
    Hasan - means Handsome, good.
    I can see this only...
    thats y thanks.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by jahid89 View Post
    where is the my name?

    i never heard name jahid
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    Name Meanings جنس معنی نام Aazim Intending; determining, resolved on, applying the mnind to an undertaking. لڑكا
    عازم Abdul Haseeb Servant of the Reckoner. لڑكا
    عبدالحسیب Abdul Muiz Slave of the Honourer, the Exalter. لڑكا
    عبدالمعز Haajirah The wife of Hazrat Ibrahim, peace be upon him. لڑكی
    حاجرہ Jabala
    لڑكی طاقیور خاتون جبالہ Jabir Consoler, restorer, comforter. لڑكا
    جابر Jahan-Ara (Persian) One who adorns the world. لڑكی
    جہان آراء Jahid Diligent, hardworking, striving. لڑكا
    جاھد Quddoosiyyah A girl who is free from any physical or moral defects,a blessed girl. a pious girl,celestial. لڑكی
    قدوسیه Raafiah High, exalted, wealthy. لڑكی

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