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Thread: Hadith Al-Da'if (Zaeef hadees)

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    Default Hadith Al-Da'if (Zaeef hadees)

    Hadith al-Da’if – 4 (Zaeef hadees)
    “Seek knowledge even if you have to go to China”.
    Allama Ibn Jawzee in ‘al-Mawzoo’at’ described this hadith a fabrication.
    According to Allama al-Bayhaqee, this hadith has a famous content but a weak chain of narrations.
    Ibn Hibban, Ibn al-Sakhawi declared this as a ‘maudu’ hadith. Allama Dhahbi in ‘ Tarteeb-al-Mawzoo’at’ commented this hadith to be ‘maudu’ and that has no basis.
    Shaikh Nasir uddin Albanee mentioned this hadith to be false (fabricated).
    Being this hadith to be ‘mashoor’ (famous) some scholars have classified this hadith as ‘hasan’.
    However the following hadith is ‘saheeh’ (correct) :
    “Seeking knowledge is an obligation for every muslim (men & women)”.
    This hadith exists in different versions with some additions which were discarded being weak or fabricated by Allama Albanee.

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