The Following Golden Sayings are 'pregnant' with wisdom... consider them, take what they teach and practise same in everyday life. You will be glad you did:--

1) "When 2 people gather to indulge in futility, Shaytan (Satan) departs because
he has achieved his objective. There is no longer a need for his presence since
2 are sufficient to deceive each other. Both are forgetful of Allah Ta'ala". [Owais Qarni].

2) " the [heart] there is an emptiness that can't be filled except with Love for
Allah [Glorified and Exalted is He], and by turning to Him and always Remembering
Him [in Zikr]. And if a person were given all the world and what is in it, it would
nit fill this emptiness". [Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya].

3) "When the heart finds solace in something other than Allah, Most High, it is
barred from smelling the fragrance of certainty". [Sahl Ibn Abdullah].

4) "Certainty prompts the servant to cut short his hopes [for the things of this world];
cutting short one's hopes, in turn, prompts him to embrace renunciation;
renunciation produces wisdom, and wisdom produces desire to ponder upon one's
fate in the Hereafter". [Dhu'l Nun al-Misri].