As-Salaam alaykum,
It is my pleasure to share with you the following great sayings and/or teachings of some Grand Teachers of old. Of course, these sayings contain wisdom and healing balms... here we go:--

(1) "More precious than 1,000 years past and 1,000 years to come
is this present moment for you. Be not deluded by anything material.
Know that in the realm of the soul, past and future are the same as
present."-- Abubakr Shibli (d. 945)

(2) "Patience has 3 stages: first, it means that the servant ceases to complain
and this is the stage of repentance(s); second, he becomes satisfied with
what is decreed, and this is the rank of the ascetic; third, he comes to love
whatever his Lord does with him and this is the stage of true friends of Allah."
-- Abu Talib Makki (d. 996)

(3) "Allah protects the hearts of those who protect their members [limbs] from
doing evil. No one whose heart is protected by Allah will be allowed by Him
to feel insecure. Whoever receives Allah's security is transformed by Him into
a leader who is followed by the people. Whoever is a guide appointed by Allah
is made by Him into an example of perfection."-- Sahl ibn Abdullah al-Tustari (d.896)

(4) "The sign of love of Allah and the Qur'an is the love of the Apostle, Muhammad,
Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam. The sign of the love of the Prophet of Islam is the
Sunnah, and the love of the Sunnah is love of the Hereafter, and the sign of
love of the Hereafter is dislike of the world. Finally, the sign of dislike of the
world is to take from it as much as is sufficient for one's bare needs."-- Sahl Ibn Abdullah al-Tustari (d.896)

Culled from:
MYSTICS OF ISLAM", by Sheikh Muhammad Riaz Qadiri.