Hadhart Uthman ( R.A) narrates that Holy Prophet ( Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) Said :

“The best amongst you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.”

The Quran is the basis of the religion of Islam, and on the preservation and propagation of the Quran depends the very existence of this faith. Hence the virtue of learning and teaching the Quran is self-evident and does not need further elucidation.
In ‘Sharhul Ihya’ the list of people who will be given shelter in the shade of the Arsh ( Throne of ALLAH) on the fearful Day of judgement includes those persons who teach the Quran to the children of Muslims and also those who learn the Holy Quran in their childhood and are devoted to its recitation when grown up.

The Aim of Easy Quran Institute is to spread the knowledge of Holy Quran and the Preaching of Islam in the whole wide world. Holy Quran is the gift of ALLAH given to his creation as guidance for his recommended way of life and therefore it is essential for every Muslims to read and understand.

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