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Thread: Whoever takes a bath on Friday

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    Lightbulb Whoever takes a bath on Friday

    Narrated Salman-Al-Farsi (Radi-Allahu 'anhu):

    The Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, "Whoever takes a bath on
    Friday, purifies himself as much as he can, then uses his (hair) oil or
    perfumes himself with the scent of his house, then proceeds (for the Jumu'a
    prayer) and does not separate two persons sitting together (in the masjid),
    then prays as much as (Allah has) written for him and then remains silent
    while the Imam is delivering the Khutba, his sins in-between the present
    and the last Friday would be forgiven."

    Hadrat Anas Radi ALLAH Taala Anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him has said, “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Allah records anyone who recites Yasin as having recited the Qur’an ten times.”
    [Sunan Tirmidhi, Vol 2, Page 116 - Sunan Daarimi, Vol 2, Page 336]

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    ایک ھوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لیے
    نیل کے سا حل سے لے کرتابخاکِ کاشغر

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    Masha'Allah!! Allah is ever forgiving and ever merciful
    Jazallahu Anna Mohammadan Mahuwa Ahluhu

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