The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:
إِنَّ لِلَّهِ تِسْعَةً وَتِسْعِينَ اسْمًا مِائَةً إِلاّ وَاحِدًا مَنْ أَحْصَاهَا دَخَلَ الْجَنَّةَ .
Translation: Indeed, Allah has 99 names (one hundred minus one); whoever memorizes them will enter Jannah. [Saheeh Bukhari and
Saheeh Muslim]

Dear brothers & sisters let's start memorizing Names of Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala in this Ramadan may be this little effort and sincere intention make us enter Jannah. inshaAllah so here i am suggesting you how you can easily memorize 99 Glorious names of Allah Subhana wa Tala .
by little effort inshaAllah. just follow these 4 simple steps.
. take a print of image in this post or you can get a printed card with 99 names of Allah subhana wa Tala on which all names are witten in simple arabic font on single page.
Memorizing 99 Glorious Names of Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala-99-names-allah-wallpaper-jpg
download a video or audio on your PC or your mobile phone from where you can easily listen to them when you are going to memorize that.
Now hold that paper with names of Allah Subhana wa Tala in your hand and play the audio. and recite with the audio.when you reach 15 names stop the audio and restart from the beginning while reciting you must be keenly looking at the page in your hand and reading names from that also.
this is your first day exercise. do not exceed 15 names per day. listen to just 15 names and then try to memorize them. and recite with the audio. try to precede the audio and then verify that you are going right.
Every forthcoming day start from the first name and add up next 15 Names in your exercise. e.g the second day you will start from first and go to the 30th name. and then stop the audio and go back to the first. all depending if you have memorized the first 15 by heart then go for add next 15 . other wise try repeating n memorizing first 15. then each day add 15 in it successively until you memorize all 99 Names of Allah Subhana waTa'ala. inshaAllah
and when you have done it then pray for me also.
May Allah help you succeed in this and open your heart and mind for it.
جزاک اللہُ خیرا.