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Thread: Hadith - Namaz ki Ahmiyat

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    Default Hadith - Namaz ki Ahmiyat

    o Alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barkatahu

    It is narrated on the authority of Jabir that he heard the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) saying. Verily between man and between polytheism and unbelief is the negligence of prayer.

    Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0146:

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    jazak ALLAH

    NAMAZ prevent us from many wrong doing
    if we r punctual to our five times prayer in a day
    surely many bad things r prevented

    the prophet may the peace and the blessing of Allah be upon HIM
    SAID namaz meri aakon ke thandak hai
    میں نےجو کیا وہ برا کیا،میں نے خود کو خود ہی تباہ کیا

    جو تجھے پسند ہو میرے رب،مجھے اس ادا کی تلاش ہے

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    Hadrat Anas Radi ALLAH Taala Anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him has said, “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Allah records anyone who recites Yasin as having recited the Qur’an ten times.”
    [Sunan Tirmidhi, Vol 2, Page 116 - Sunan Daarimi, Vol 2, Page 336]

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