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Thread: Sunnah of Nail cutting

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    Default Sunnah of Nail cutting

    Bismillahir Rehmanir Raheem

    Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 7.779 Narrated by Abu Huraira

    I heard the Prophet (sallalahu alaih wasallam) saying. "Five practices are characteristics of the ‘Fitra’ (nature): removing the pubic hair, clipping the nails, depilating the hair of the armpits; and circumcision and cutting the moustaches short (for the males)

    Anas ibn Malik (r.a.) reported "The time period for us to trim the moustache, clip the nails, pluck out the underarm hairs and cut the pubic hairs was (once in at least) forty nights."
    Related by Ahmad and Abu Dawud.
    Haiderium Qalandram Mastam
    Banda e Murtaza Ali Hastam
    Peshwa e tamam Rindanam
    Ke Sag e Koo e Sher e Yazdanam

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    Yes This Is Right Nice Sharing Thanks..

    Our Lord! grant us good in this world

    and good in the hereafter,
    and save us from the chastisement of the fire

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    to do this each week is sunnah ,if some one do it after 15 days then its makrooh
    Hadrat Anas Radi ALLAH Taala Anhu reported that the Messenger of Allah Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him has said, “Everything has a heart, and the heart of the Qur’an is Yasin. Allah records anyone who recites Yasin as having recited the Qur’an ten times.”
    [Sunan Tirmidhi, Vol 2, Page 116 - Sunan Daarimi, Vol 2, Page 336]

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