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Thread: Need some dua's

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    Default Need some dua's

    u Alaikum

    i am going through a bad situation.. i loved someone so much and my mom came to know about this she threaten me saying she will do something to the guy i love if i don't agree to get marry to my cousin.. i said okay for the marriage though i dont want to marry him.. but now my sis told about this issue to my brother.. and he is like i will find that guy n will beat him to death.. im really worried about him.. i don't want to hurt him.. please help me..

    1.i don't want to get marry to the guy whom my mom had choosed for me.
    2.i want to get marry to the guy i loved.
    3.i don't wan my brother to hurt the guy i love..

    please give me any dua, to recite any sunnah prayer. and do pray for me please

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    inshallah sis i will pray 4 u i am kind of same situtaution the person who i love his parents not agreein wid our marriage they want him to marry someone else but he dont want to . inshallah may allah tala bless u with happiness and inshallah i will doo dua 4 u sis and plz make dua 4 me i kno how yu feel

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