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Thread: Angels: Obedient Servants Of Allah.

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    Default Angels: Obedient Servants Of Allah.

    As you are aware, belief in Angels is one of the 6 pillars upon which Imaan (Faith) is built in Islam , the other 5 being:--belief in Allah as our Creator and the Only Being worthy of Worship, His Messengers the Last of whom is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), His Holy Books (the last of which is the Holy Qur'an), the Last Day/Judgement Day and belief in Fate or Qadar.
    Who are Angels, how were they created, what is the nature of their worship? For an insight into these and more about Angels, find hereby attached a brief presentation on these Obedient Servants of Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, for your educative. Enjoy it.
    Best Wishes.
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