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Thread: Hello from Canada

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    Default Hello from Canada

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    Hello everyone.

    I'm an Indian who grew up as a Hindu in Canada until I started disbelieving for many years. I've now found my true faith in the Qu'ran. I like many other Indians grew up with a prejudiced view and general hatred of Islam and muslims until Allah revealed the truth. I've personally witnessed many of my fellow Indians persecuting me once they find out I now follow the Qu'ran despite the fact that I have Hindu names and have always appeared completely Indian. As a Hindu convert I receive more hatred from Indians than anyone else. I've never lost faith however, and I look forward to bonding with fellow believers and those who know the compassion of Allah.

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    wa alaikum assalam
    welcome to the forum and u r very lucky Allah guided u towards right path because very few hearts are able to feel the truth and very few eyes are able to see through the darkness these are only, having inner light through which Allah guide them and that light is Emaan. May Allah protect our emaan and increase it because only this is the light that makes us able to see through the darkness of our bad deeds and evils.

    ایک ھوں مسلم حرم کی پاسبانی کے لیے
    نیل کے سا حل سے لے کرتابخاکِ کاشغر

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