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Thread: Maujiza - miracles performed by Prophets

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    Default Maujiza - miracles performed by Prophets

    Maujiza - miracles performed by Prophets
    Difference between Maujizaa and Karamat

    The untoward action which is impossible to perform, and a Prophet performs it to prove their prophecy and astonishes Infidels is known as a 'Maujizaa'. For example to bring back to life the dead, with the movement of the finger to split the moon into two. If these types of actions are performed by a Wali (friend of Allah) then it is known as a Karaamat. If they are performed by an ordinary person or wrongdoer or a Kafir then it is known as 'Istidraj'.

    When seeing a Maujizaa the truth of a Prophet is accepted, because if this sort of power has been given to them to which they .can perform miracles, astonish people and make them helpless then they are truly a Messenger and a Prophet of Allah, as false liars who claim to be a Prophet cannot perform these types of miracles. Allah Ta'ala never gives the false claimants of Prophet-hood the power to perform Maujizaas, otherwise one would not be able to distinguish the difference between the true Prophets and false claimants.

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    Important Rule: The Prophet's mistakes

    The mistakes that have been committed by the Prophets, to talk about them except for when praying about them in the Holy Quran and Hadith is Haram, meaning forbidden and strictly forbidden. How can others actually use their tongues against these kings, for Allah is the Ruler of alt. However he wishes to build a palace He can do so, meaning the Prophets are the Lord's beloved creations whatever way they want to present themselves to Allah, others cannot use them as their certificates to call them by. Meaning when a Prophet made a mistake the words used by Allah to call them Prophets or whatever the Prophets named themselves in the state of servant-hood, no follower has the right to use them phrases in relation to the Prophets, as this is completely not allowed and strictly forbidden.

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