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Thread: Major gunah

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    Default Major gunah

    *Associating partners with Almighty Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.
    * Disrespecting the Prophets (Ambiya alayhis 'salam) and the Awliya Allah (Saints of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala).

    * Disobedience to Parents.

    * Murder.

    * Taking the property of the orphans and the poor.

    * To back-bite and disgrace innocent people.

    * To break promises and tell lies.

    * To leave out the Faraa'id (Fard) actions.

    * To give or take bribery.

    * To call a Muslim a Kaafir and to call a Kaafir a Muslim.

    * To steal other people's property.

    * To give or take interest.

    * To rob.

    * To gamble.

    * To behave like the non-believers or Kuffar.

    * To dance, sing and speak indecently.

    * To harm neighbours.

    * To have pride, anger and jealously.

    * To eat or drink Haraam things.

    * To deal in fortune-telling.

    * To see evil films and programmes on television and in the cinemas, internet etc..

    * To visit sinful places such as the gambling houses, casinos, Night Clubs and Discotheques, Bars, race courses and restaurants were alcohol is served.

    * To attend shows of film-stars, dancing and singing.

    * To attend un-Islamic weddings and other functions where many un-Islamic practices take place.

    may Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala with the waseela of his beloved habib give us the taufeeq to stay away from all the SINS. ameen

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    May Allah show us right path....

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