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Thread: Two Good Books.

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    Default Two Good Books.

    Salaam to you all,
    May I have the pleasure of sharing with you the attached two (2) books for your perusal, use and also sharing with others. They are:--

    1) "Al-Ubudiyyah: (Being a True Slave of Allah), by Sheikh Ibn Taimiyah. It examines how Man is or can be a slave
    to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, with devotion and submission.

    2) "Hikayat-e-Sahaba (Stories of The Sahaba)", by Sheikh Muhammad Zakariyya. The Sahaba (Companions) were chosen by
    Allah, Most High, for the company of His Prophet, peace be upon him. Their stories
    serve as a beacon of faith and practice. And as al-Junaid, may Allah be Merciful to him,
    said, stories of the pious and Godly are Allah's special devices which encourage the
    hearts of those who strive in His Path.
    Find time to go over these two good books; you will be glad you did.
    Many Regards.

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