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Thread: The Day Of Resurrection.

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    Default The Day Of Resurrection.

    As-Salaam alaykum,
    Belief in the Last Day.. the Day of Judgement is one of the 6 pillars upon which Imaan (faith) is built in Islam. Allah, Azzah Wa Jallah, says that none has the Right to be worshipped but He and:--

    "Surely, He will gather you together on the Day of Resurrection
    about which there is no doubt." (4:87)

    For an incisive account on this significant Day Of Resurrection, find hereby attached Dr. Umar al-Ashqar's booklet titled: "The Final/Resurrection Day, in Light of the Qur'an and Sunnah", for your perusal. Find the time to open and study it and see, among others:--

    (a) The how and why of this magnificent event/Day

    (b) Events leading up to the Final Day

    (c) Deeds one may perform for easy passage on that Day.. and more..

    Best Regards.
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